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Weird item filter bug

I just find this weird item filter bug.


Known issue, it gets reported quite a bit.

This is a known issue. It is very rare so it’s hard to reproduce internally.

Thanks for the report.

I got the “blank item name” part of your pic while using a filter last updated in 0.8.3c.
(applied rule is about some specific affixes from the full list, which get recolored and emphasized - I have screenshots of before pickup and after manual drop working)
After updating the few specific filter rules involving recoloring, on the next drop the same rule worked fine with an original drop.

So there might be a relation with added affixes, affix internal keys, and/or internal representation of older filter rules. Maybe game could hint at outdated rules like game loaders hint at outdated mods?

TL;DR: Redoing the relevant filter rule(s) fixed it

Hope this may help:

Using the updated filter mentioned in my last post, I got the same “look” today as in the OP’s pic, including the possibly broken code page, weird spacing, and non-matching item name.
I can give you my specifics - 3 pics (on drop, item involved, and look after manual redrop), and the filter definition file. Let me know if you want it, and by which channel (Discord, e-mail, forum), and whether any other specific PC game files may help.

A copy of your player.log from when it happened and filter file would probably be helpful for the devs. Useful files - Last Epoch Support Hub

here’s a zip with a collection of related files:

  • Screenshot excerpt
  • Log file with a repeated graphics object creation issue
  • Filter definition file
  • DxDiag report (abbreviated)

My lead on this is that the filter definiton file (and ingame info) still says “Last changed in 0.8.3c” although I updated the definition 2 weeks ago in 0.8.3e, and the file system timestamp is from yesterday. Making any change doesn’t affect the version number of my existing filters. Any “if old version” check would trigger, and maybe have a problem with the new affix IDs.
Secondly, the provided log and my previous one show an object creation issue over and over. The previous log has more expected “init, load stuff, and optimize memory” before.

Ingame context:
Running the second quest echo of the first monolith. Did 2 or 3 other echoes before. Loot & Merchant interaction between echoes. Have never had any display issues with merchants. That item drop was the first drop of the session matching the “Ele Dot” rule.
Have never had any issues with any other rule in my filter. Have had the “blank item name” issue before in a chapter 9 quest region.

Can try some things out over the week if advice is given, like manually changing the version number in the file, or updating another rule and then wait for first session drop.
Weird item name displayed_provided (2.9 MB)

I tried the second thing mentioned: Updated another rule at session start, filter stays 0.8.3c, filter file gets timestamp update, got a drop matching the “Ele Dot” rule, and it had a blank item name.
This initial filter update did not avoid the name display bug, as in my first answer to the OP.
I’ll retry this sequence after an OS reboot next time. Open for structured advice as well.

There are quite a few threads about this particular issue that you might want to see about checking before spending too much time getting lost in a rabbit warren…

I have personally done a few tests and noticed specific debug messages that could be related to the odd item naming… For me it seemed to be specific filter related, but then it happened with all my filters disabled… And there seems to be two different variations of the problem… the blank item name and the item name with garbled text - each seem to happen differently… At one stage it was even guessed that it happened more on Idols that dropped but again this didnt hold up to testing…

The key here is that it seems to be VERY hard to cause the problem - which is what the devs need to be able to trace the issue more than anything else…

so… if you wanted to try and debug this further - if you can find some way of replicating the issue and making the problem happen more consistently, this could be of great help to the devs…

Ps… be sure to verify the game files to ensure you dont have a messed up install that could be causing other issues…