Weaver's Will upgrade can affect your base stats, at least temporarily

I leveled a WW item a couple times, and it took away resists from my character corresponding to the item’s gain of +20% cold res. Of note: I was slightly overcapped at the time of weaving.

When I unequipped anything with elemental or cold res, I saw -20% base. Completing a zone or going into a new one didn’t fix it.

Thankfully quitting Last Epoch and restarting the game, thus relogging into my character, fixed this issue.

Still it is concerning enough that all such uniques to me will be a Weaver’s Won’t for the time being.

Player-prev.log (318.8 KB)

Same issue. Would be nice if anyone could confirm if this is a visual bug or an actual nerf to your character.

I think from the hotfix b patch, this update may have fixed it, if anyone else can confirm:

“Fixed a bug where Weaver Uniques did not immediately apply their newly gained affixes to the player when added or upgraded by the Weaver”

I was able to level the same WW item, having it gain a tier of cold res, and this time did not go into negative when unequipping it.