Weaver will items affixes range rolls

Is it widely known that Weavers will affixes have the same range roll when ever they are upgraded. Etc if you low roll hp whenever you gain the mod, it will stay as the low range roll every time it is upgraded from now on. Is this well known? cant seem to find anywhere it states it but have testet it a couple times now.

Hope some of you have some imput

It works the same way as regular crafting does. When you craft an item and upgrade an affix, it will reain the relative position in the range. So if it’s a perfect roll it stays a perfect roll, likewise for a crappy one.
All weaver’s will does in the background is apply shards, as it were. So if the RNG gives you a low roll, you’ll be stuck with it.

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That is NOT true.

There is even a Glyph that specifically does prevent from the roll changing within its range. Glyph of Order


Oh, my bad then. I was under the impression it never changed. I was pretty sure I read that somewhere in these forums at some point.
I stand corrected then. Listen to @Heavy instead, he’s the expert :wink: