Weaver’s Will | Coming in Rising Flames

Hello Travelers and Happy Friday!

If you happened to read yesterday’s post, you may have caught today’s topic at the end, “Weaver’s Will”. Like any good cliff-hanger, we’ll be continuing that conversation in today’s episode of Pre-patch Blog Post Hype Week!

Weaver’s Will

Weaver’s Will is a new Unique item type arriving in Beta Patch 0.9.1 Rising Flames. These items expand the roster of item rarities, entering the fray with Unique and Legendary items, by being both!

Similar to Unique Items, all Weaver’s Will items will have a fixed list of effects which will be unique to that specific named item. Where they differ from normal Uniques, is that these items do not roll Legendary Potential, but instead roll a Weaver’s Will value. These items will always drop with Weaver’s Will, and have a roll range of 5 to 28.

Instead of crafting on these items, these items will level alongside you as you play. As you kill enemies in Eterra with one or more of these items equipped, the Weaver will rebuild the item, consuming a point of will to add an affix to the item. The item can rebuild a total of four different affixes, at which point it starts upgrading the tiers of the existing rebuilt affixes (it could also increase the tier of an affix before acquiring all four affixes). These items can even be rebuilt all the way into exalted tiers of affixes including up to T7.

The Weaver, though, is a bit more discerning in their taste for items, meaning normally “rarer” affixes, such as +skill level, will be far more common to be rebuilt for slots such as relics.

New Uniques

Rising Flames will also arrive with several new Uniques to continue expanding on potential build opportunities. While this post is primarily dedicated to the new Weaver’s Will Unique item type coming in 0.9.1, we also want to share an example of one of the new Uniques coming in Rising Flames.

(The previous graphic of the unique shown here was an early development version. We’ve updated the graphic with the latest version going into the 0.9.1 patch)

With a whole new way to reach Legendary items in Last Epoch, as well as the ever-expanding roster of Unique items coming in this patch, we’re excited to see what kind of builds everyone comes up with!

We’ll be back again tomorrow with a look at some of the new awesome enemies and models coming in Beta Patch 0.9.1 Rising Flames.


I think its cool, but feels a bit samey to legendaries.

But im all for new items in general so lets gooo.


Nice preview. Now I’m hyped again. Waay better than the MTX fiasco. Please rethink the way MTX Store will work, we have faith that the team will do the right thing in that matter.


Interesting item mechanic!

Does the player choose between some upgrade options when the item levels up or is it entirely random?


Looks random to me!


Holy, please what? :interrobang:
Out of nowhere.

How exactly will the leveling up portion work? Is the affix choosen randomly?
If yes, how rare will these be? I can already see the disappointment, when finally finding one with 28 Weaver’s Will only to get 4 useless affixes.

Also how many of these Weaver WIll’s Items will be in Patch 091?
My only fear would be, that there will be so few, that everybody is running around with the same ones.

Also how do you determine if an item is a Unique Item or a Weavers Will Item? They seem incredibly similar in their baselien functionality.

But the pool of possible affixes is generally determined by the item slots?
So evne helmets and body armou Weaver’s Will items can roll +skill level affixes, that usually can be on them, but they are just more likely to roll on relics?

That really sounds like the affix adding is choosen totally randomly.

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How can we follow the weaver’s ‘progression’ on items? Do we need to check if we got anything manually or we will get kind of a message (tooltip)?

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Sneaky hobbitses - we asked for something like this years ago !!!

My favourite item type in any game. Really hope this implementation works as well as I hope it could.


This just makes all other non unique items useless doesn’t it. Exalteds exist for lp only, all your gear is planned out to be weavers stuff. I don’t understand the point of this, this seems very bad for the game initially.

I think in the future, with more game to progress into, then this is cool, but that doesn’t exist now. This is just more power we can go and grab, with the same content there to give it to us? I’d much rather see this type of thing be like, specific to some harder content/bosses, unless im misinterpreting the strength of these items.


I am 100% for adding wacky new things that can mess with all our pre-existing Builds!!!

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Suggestion: The type of monsters killed influences the chances of the affixes - or the area, epoch, etc. - anything like that. I really like the basic idea of evolving an item though your adventures but I think it would be better to have some agency in how to evolve the item.

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I have a very important question. If I’m playing a healer/buffer paladin that sorely lacks damage compared to other party members. Will they still gain will when their party kills things, or do the kills have to be their own.

as long as you are within a screen or two you will get the xp for the kill

I think its unclear from the post, but I dont think all items can be weaver items.

There is a subset of items that are weaver items I think, so lets say there is a new dungeon that has 5-10 weaver items you can farm, they will be a different niche thing.

Both new items shown are completely new items, and no existing unique is shown with weaver.

it would be kinda weird if all items could be weaver or LP.

if its a subset of items as weaver items, then they will be more niche since you might not like any of the base items.

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True. I guess this is the answer to bastion then lmao.

But idk, this still feels unnesacary atm. I just don’t see what adding a new type of item offers.

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See now…if you put this on sets, instead of a different way to do legendaries…I think that woulda been better than another class of legendary items.

Will we know what possible affixes can roll with WW? or is it just all possible affixes for that gear type?

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does every unique have potential to drop like this or is it a new subtype of uniques?

The more I think about it, the more issues I have with this.

I think the most common criticism regarding Legendaries is, that they are very random and not so deterministic.

From the looks of it, the affixes added to the Weaver Item seems random, so they are just some new uniques with build-in legendary potential, that can go higher tiers.
But at the end they are still super random. (Even more random than legendary crafting)


Yeah, this seems to be a thing thats built adjacent to a system we already have, that people have problems with, and doesn’t feel great. So now we’re just gonna have 2 systems, with similiar problems I guess.

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Yes, with different weighting than normal items (aside from boots)

The most common Weaver’s Will item will be rarer than the most common normal Unique, but not the rarest item. They can also drop during the campaign.

Weaver’s Will Items will always drop with Weaver’s Will on them. Once they’ve run out of Weaver’s Will, they are ‘normal’ Legendries.


On Boots, affixes have normal weighting, on others rarer affixes are much more common, with Relics being an example provided which can provide +level of skill, and has a much greater chance to be rolled.

There is a notification when your Weaver’s Will Item gains an affix!

Party member and minion kills still count. As long as you’d get XP for the kill.

They are new items. Weaver’s Will cannot roll on normal Uniques, only specific new uniques which are Weaver’s Will Uniques (and will always drop with Weaver’s Will).