Weapon Speed, increased attack speed

after getting time to play again, I saw we get a new update with the last class.

Now i am a bit interested in this class even through i cant play the Falconer which i assume is some sort of minimalistic druid with a hugh focus on damage from the char instead of the pets. Maybe one or two strong ones.
Thats enough for the prelude.
At the moment i am using Flurry, decoy and smoke bomb and tending to make this into a Bladedancer. So my question is now when i use skills that have nodes that give more attack speed, like Flurry, is it worth to put the slowest weapon in the main hand to obtain more damage because the skill increases your attack speed?
So instead of an eastern blade (very fast) i put a mace or sceptre into the main hand slot and an fast weapon (sword or dagger - havent found any slower) into the offhand instead of two very fast (eastern blade).

The attack speed implicit on weapons is multiplicative. So you add up all of the % increased attack speed from all the sources, then multiply that by the weapon’s implicit. So a Katana would be a little over 25% faster than a one-handed blunt (which all have an implicit attack speed of 0.98).

But what about dual wielding? The question sounds like he has two weapons and wonders which weapon to put in which slot.

I just played a tiny bit with dual wielding and using two swords did not change my attack speed (as far as I could notice). But in my case, both swords have the same attack speed. So either the game takes the average of both attack speeds or both hands will attack with a different frequency - but that would look odd, so I think this won’t be the case. Anyway, I think that it does not matter which weapon is in which slot. But I will try for sure…

Edit: I just tried it. It seems that it will take the average weapon speed. So if you have a fast weapon and add a slower second weapon, you will attack a bit slower - but not as slow as if you would only wield the slower weapon.

I think @EHG_Mike said that the (presumably implicit) weapon attack speed is averaged between the two, then any affixes are summed up.

If you used a katana & mace/sceptre that should be slower than using just a katana (or two katanas).

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As llama8 said, it’s the average of the two weapons. The game doesn’t care which is in your main or off hand for any stats.

Mhm, my points is more which is damagewise the better option.

I have two eastern blade or Falcata which have both 1,25 * 25% gives me 1,5625 hits per second for the fastest one hand i could find.
When i use the slowest one hand which is as Ilama8 said 0,98 and a fast or fastest (1,2 or 1,25) it would be 1,3625 or 1,39375 hits per second.
But for me the slower weapon should have a higher damage per hit.
Faster hitting doesnt necessarily mean higher damage output you just hit more often but each swing of the slower weapon should deal more damage then the hit of the fastest but when you have a few sources for faster attack (I think the fog and Flurry have both + attack speed multiple times) the damage outcome of the slowest could be higher for a dot based option more hits and lower damage is the better option to inflict more stacks and have a higher chance to inflict them.

Without wanting to be pedantic cough the hits per second is actually something like 1.5 x your attack speed.

Mhm. Why?
I have hit per second for one weapon with 1,25 so i multiply it with 25% (which is *1,25) which ends in 1,5625.

I know its not really the question here or the right topic but we talk about attack speed so there is another problem dagger attack speed is fast and eastern blade attack speed is very fast don’t you find that weird? For me daggers must have the very fast attack speed.

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There has been a discussion on this before & @heavy took the viewpoint that reality was wrong & daggers should be slow(er) weapons due to their (relative) lack of mass & inertia when compared to larger weapons like swords & axes. Not differentiating between the speed of the weapon itself & the speed at which one might choose to use it (ie, the speed of the skill).

Maybe this person should pick up an axe, mace and dagger and test how they behave when you handle them.
Go into a DIY market and play with an axe for wood making or cutting it down, get a stonemason’s hammer (shorter version of a sledgehammer) with 3kg and then compare it against a good knife. And you see that a dagger is much lighter and far easier to handle then a 3kg mace or a 1-3kg axe.

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Don’t forget the weapon range on daggers :D. it’s like 1.9m for this game but we need “realism” and make daggers slower because of reasons :D. Axes and maces are the worst weapons to use because you are fairly unable to change the direction of the weapon swing because the weight is at the top of the weapon. Daggers are realy versatile and fast to use like easiely watchable on YT. So we reduced the weaponspeed of a dagger while giving it almost 2m weaponrange for some “realism”? Why is the bow shooting that fast then? If you pull your arrow from the quiver, put it in and draw it all the way back to deliver most dmg possible without any modern day gadgets a bow should have .5 AS ^^. If you compare daggers with other weapon base classes they suck.

I am doing fitness with a sledgehammer. And based on this expierence I dont see the inability to change the direction because of the weight at the top of the weapon.
A mace is at top 3kg, an axe is also only around 3kg. (one handed) With two hands you have even more control above the weapon and you must think warriors are trained in handling weapons so they have more muscles und spacial trained muscles then the untrained normalo.

And the rogue gets introduces as an assassin in which the dagger is the best option. light, fast and easy to handle. Yeah it has a shorter range but there are tousands of form of daggers let it be a katar, a long dagger or one of the others. A one handed sword has also only 150 cm at max. so wanna reduce them to?

But the original idea of this post was to see how the speed of a weapon for dual wielding build effect its damage.

It’s not that you “can’t” overcome the inertia of an axe/etc, but it’s significantly easier to do so with a dagger than with an axe/sledgehammer/etc for any given level of strength.

I am still of the opinion that the dagger should be the fastest weapon with low hit damage and some crit chance/multi so that the DPS is comparable to other melee weapons.

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