Weapon prefix/suffix distribution

Hi guys, relatively new to this game, but I’ve been playing a lot lately. My biggest question so far: why are all of the decent weapon affixes prefixes? It’s frustrating. I figure this has to have been discussed somewhere, but I can’t find it.

Offensive affixes are usually prefixes (with the exception of minion affixes), defensive affixes are usually suffixes. It’s for balance reasons as it constrains the player & forces them to make decisions on what to put where.

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In most cases, there isn’t much of a decision to be made though…

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Is that not because the weapon affixes are either flat damage or % damage, attack/cast speed or chill/bleed/etc chance?

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Pretty much this.

Thanks for the replies. Is there there an in-depth discussion of this anywhere?

my issue is there are no useful suffixes for DoT skills. Chance of X on hit is nice but I want more options.


I was wondering, affixes on weapon - in general is it better to run " +X flat melee dmg " or " +X% damage"? When is one better than the other?

Differs per build, but typically flat is king.


X% is only efficient if you have some flat base. If not, +100% of 1 or +400% of 1 will not make a huge difference. Though +100% of 40 will be significant.
So flat is king, % comes after.


Ha ha! ^^


Great minds eh!


If I’m building around Judgement - consecrated ground which currently has a scaling tag of “melee” then I understand that + melee fire dmg will add to its damage. However I believe the melee scaling tag is a bug and will probably be removed in an upcoming patch. If the “melee” tag is removed, would +melee fire dmg still add to the damage of the skill? And, if not, would then +%fire dmg be superior? Lets assume I have no other flat fire damage on the build

That’s a bug & I believe that it was only % melee that was scaling it, not flat, or at least, not flat phys melee damage.

No, consecrated ground doesn’t have the melee tag so flat melee damage won’t/shouldn’t increase it’s damage. % Fire, % Elemental, % DoT, % Elemental DoT, Healing Effectiveness & Attunement will scale the consecrated ground damage. The Healing Effectiveness (& therefore Attunement since it gives Healing Effectiveness per point) is a more modifier, so more effective at scaling the DoT.

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Thanks for clarifying Llama, I had said the melee dmg is a bug, so yes I agree its a bug. Lol

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