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We want to hear from you! Which questions would you like us to answer?

In the near future we plan to begin posting text-based interviews of individual team members here on the forum. If you’d like to submit questions which may be incorporated into these, post them here in this thread and they’ll be considered before each interview.

Questions can be applicable to everyone (e.g. “how long have you been at EHG?”), or relevant to a team (e.g. “what’s the most unusual sound you’ve recorded?”), but we’d advise against questions only relevant to one person (e.g. “what does a Game Director do?”).

Feel free to submit multiple questions!

(ALL) What has been the hardest/most difficult problem to over come so far in the development?

(ALL) Who was the brain child of Last Epoch?

(ALL) What would you compare Last Epoch to as in game/business model?

(ALL) If yo could change one thing (and had that much control) what would it be and why?

(ALL) How do you feel with where the game is now and next next six months?

(ALL) If you could have worked on a different game or with a different company in the past who/what would if have been?

(ALL) Did you grow up wanting to do what you are now and if not what did you want to grow up to be?

(ALL) Horde or Alliance? I do request an answer even if it… what is that :wink:

(Leroy) What games have most inspired the music in Last Epoch?

(ALL) Once Last Epoch is complete what genre of game will 11th Hour Games like to work on next? - Its ok if this one is not answered :wink:

(ALL) Can you provide the specs on your personal rig?

(ALL) If you had unlimited funds what would be your dream machine? (computer or other)

(ALL) Please think of someone you have always wanted to meet… Now what would be the first question you would ask that person?

(ALL) As to video games what is your #1 requirement (visuals, game play or audio)? #2?

(ALL) What classic game would you like to play again or even remake?

(ALL) What video game release most disappointed or excited you in the past 10 years?

(ALL) Do you play video games and if so what is your favorite system?

(ALL) Will we ever see Last Epoch and the team on stage at a game convention?

(ALL) Have you ever played D&D (or that kind of game) what is your favorite class/race?

(ALL) Pineapple on pizza? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(ALL) Are there any photos of the team members in cosplay and will you share?

(ALL) If you have one what is your guilty pleasure song or movie?

(ALL) What part of the project really gets you excited to get up and work on it each day?

(Judd) Will Last Epoch have an opening movie to explain some about eh world and lore?

(Judd) How do you come up with the idea of free to play until lvl 20 (ish) then pay to continue? Also could you if it’s know explain more about it? Will it include online MP or just a solo experience? Will it be have it’s own area kind of like a prelude to the game or just be the first chapter of the game?

(Judd) 11th Hour Games has set a final date of release and seems to be on schedule to meet that deadline. What if any thing is the biggest issue or issues that could slow down development?

(ALL) What has surprised you the most about working on Last Epoch?

(ALL) What was the one kick starter stretch goal you really wanted to reach?

(ALL) Are there any crazy ideas or features you wish could be included but that technology or time will not allow it’s inclusion to the 2020 release? Could it be something we see in the future?

(Judd) Is Last Epoch a one off or is there a bigger world that might allow future explorations of this wonderful universe you have created for us to play in?

(ALL) If you could add one NPC be it from another game/movie or someone or something you imagined who or what would they be?

I will try to think of more :wink:


1- What more specifically influenced you(s) essentially from Diablo 1 & 2.

2- Do you expect ‘Last Epoch’ to be popular in twenty years from now just like big titles ‘APRG’S’.

3- What influenced the Lore of ‘Last Epoch’ .

4- How would you divide your team in terms of percentage (%): Animators, Modelers, Riggers, VFX (…).

5- Will ‘Horror’ be a main theme in ‘Last Epoch’ much like it was in Diablo 1 & 2 or will the game have a more ‘Epic’ kind of feel when it is completed.

Thank You(s)!


Could you share information about the lag problem i and others seem to be experiencing? It happens after a few waves in the Arena area.

Seconding this question.

  • When you dream of LE being successful, what do you envision?

  • What is your proudest contribution to LE so far?

  • What’s your personality like and how do you use it to assist the team?

  • What sort of customer interactions do you find the most challenging?

  • Do you like to live A. Free B. Libre C. Don’t Care D. In Control?

  • Books, Movies, Video Games, TV shows, Theatre: What’s your favourite medium and your favorite character from that medium?

  • Most frequently used (or interesting) key combination on your keyboard?

  • Your favourite source of Gaming News (where did you hear about Last Epoch)?

  • If you could play LE on a household appliance, what would it be?

  • (ART TEAM) How would you describe the aesthetic for Last Epoch? How do you plan to add to the aesthetic?

  • (DEVELOPERS) What’s the most wonky thing you’ve discovered in the code?

  • Colour or Color? Labor or Labour? Body Armor or Body Armour? Sceptre or Scepter? Specializations or Specialisations? Drinking Fountain, Water Fountain, or Bubbler? Soda, Pop, Coke, Fizzy Drink or Carbonated Beverage?



What’s going to happen with the UI/UX? Just like someone said in the Reddit post? How much different can we expect the UI to change visually? The current UI especially the login screen reminds me of a mobile game. As in big rectangular buttons, or huge windows instead of just fullscreen. You can look at the crafting button to shard, look at how big the map is, and how big the skill tree window is… The buttons are very big as if it’s not designed for a mouse.

It would be nice to see a modern design implemented instead of your typical 2000’s Diablo 2 type UI.

EDIT: A good example imo of a modern design is Battlefield V. It’s set in WWII but the HUD is modern and it still feels great even if the game’s setting in 1945.

Do thou heared about game ‘‘Sacred’’? Do thou like it? Which game inspired thou to start to create of Last Epoch?

What other projects have you worked on and what experience do you have? Also, why isn’t LE the only project you’ve dedicated time to since birth?

Some good questions coming in! :smiley:

  • Do you plan to add new classes/masteries after the release of the game ?
  • How will you handle the league system you want to do ? Will you release some minor leagues and also bigger leagues that stand as new expansion a bit like PoE ?

What’s your take on character growth? Do you prefer infinite scaling or would you like all builds to eventually meet a point of arrival where nothing more can be done?


To the game play team, what are some of your favorite A. RPG games you have played? I played City of Heroes for 5 years. One thing I love about CoH more than any other online games is that they really encourage Teaming. They allow “super teams” which mean the Buffs and Debuffs can stack up crazy high. Yes, the gameplay gets a bit too easy but in their view, it encourages people to team up because some Archetypes are not good soloers (IE: Defender). I really enjoy when buffs/debuffs can stack up high. I see there are some skill specs that can debuff/buff. Would you allow them to stack up high? I played WoW before and I hate how the weaker buffs get over-written.

  • At release, will there be anything unique about the hardcore mode in LE compared to other arpgs?

  • For you as developers, describe in a few words what makes a good hardcore experience in an arpg. What do you intend to bring over from that experience to LE?

  • Will all the planned endgame systems be available also in hc mode?

What do you think about competing with a possible D4 release in 2020?

I read that MTX for loot tabs was out of the question as stated in FAQ ;." “wouldn’t be fair to our players if we advertised the game at a certain price point only to have hidden costs buried in the game.” How would this not be fair to the player when they’re willfully paying the initial cost for the game of $10-15 USD and reading the details of the license before they purchase? You could make this option not “hidden” if stash tab purchases were clearly stated in the game’s description/EUA and FAQ section. I’m sure many players would gladly purchase tabs to support the game along with the cosmetics enhancements. The biggest complaints I’ve heard in many ARPGs (Diablo 1/2, Titan Quest series, etc) is lack of adequate storage space so it’s an important matter to a lot of players. I’m pretty sure most players wouldn’t see MTX stash tabs as a greedy cash grab but a cool option to support the game. But I respect Last Epoch development team’s decision to do this if it enhances the game’s experience and there’s already sufficient storage in game…

Hello! When do you expect the game to be in beta?

Beta is scheduled to begin in April.


What do you guys do for fun when you’re not working on LE?

Where would you like to go on holiday next?

What do you think you’d have to achieve with LE for it to be “successful” in your eyes?

Hi, I’m not sure if this has been answered yet, but will the beta contain multiplayer? From what I’ve seen so far, the alpha is all single player, correct? Thanks.