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We need Sinicization

We need Sinicization :D
so many player want it


Whatever that is:P

we need chinese pleas…

I think Sinicization refers to Chinese localization and or ethnocentric world domination.
Not too sure which.

Simplified Chinese is included in the selection of game language Settings

Last Epoch is currently only available in the English language.

We will be exploring various translation options after the game is released next year.

Thank you for your reply

We just want to have Asian servers and simplified Chinese in the future(next year?:smiley:
Such games have many loyal fans in China and have a great market prospect
We really want to play this game and maybe surpass POE

We would love to have as many people playing Last Epoch as possible. :slight_smile:

We’re a small team with a limited budget, so unfortunately there is a limit to what we can invest in at once - and game development is already very expensive. We’ve got big plans for Last Epoch, but we need to avoid trying to do too much too soon. Hope you understand.

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Full understanding.
I hope everything goes well with this project.
Besides waiting, maybe it’s time to improve my English… :rofl:


Your english is good:)

1 trillion% better than my chinese.

Perhaps allow for community translations?
Like the rogue-like-card-game called Slay the spire.
And then adding a note for players using community translation, that they may not be accurate and for accurate interpretation, one should play with the original language.

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