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We need a way to report people

Edit: removed name so i dont get banned because that would be something else.

“UISER” was using N word, horrible language.

I have a screenshot I wish I could upload. I see one of these people a day, and there’s no way to report them. Let’s not start out with a freeforall 4 chan for a chat.


You can file a ticket on, but this is not very convenient or clear. There definitely needs to be an in-game option for it.

Public accusations are against the TOS, I would recommend removing the User Name from your Post and just use the Support System that @BroncoCollider posted.

I do agree. There should be a way of reporting in chat itself. I don’t know much about chat as I do not use it currently.

We should be very careful though as a community and a game. Everything here is still in the “nice/civilised” phase for the most part, and it is great.

However, it is worth considering that a main rival has just released a manifesto that will probably cause a larger influx of their “newer” players. Quite a large number (but not a majority) of said “newer players” from that community are of a lower maturity and quite toxic/rude/obnoxious in some cases.

As LE gains popularity and becomes more commonly seen as viable alternative to that “rival” and becomes more of a beacon the population here will grow. I personally think it is absolutely vital to keep a tight lid on the community and the moderation of said community when it comes to communications with one another.

It is brilliant to have constructive debates and arguments in a polite fashion. Indeed, many things are learnt from some of those debates that can be useful for future developments. However, it also too easy to allow purely negative posts/attacks/spam in forums/reddit/chat to go unchecked and that soon spirals out of control into a “free for all” environment that does nothing but encourage toxicity.

There are many lessons to be learnt from rivals, and not all of them are purely from a game engine perspective. Community Growth and Management is another one of them that is often overlooked. Remember, the community in that rival 3 years ago was also once a pleasant place to chat in forums or on reddit. That is no longer the case due to a lack of correct management.

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I must say the last few days, the chat have been absolutely shocking in terms of bad language, religious and gender debates among other things. Gotten to a point I just automatically disable chat when playing. Really wish there was some devs around handing out warnings/bans.

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As I mentioned above, I doubt that this is a coincidence in timing. I think these could be crucial and formative days in how things shake out for the future of the community well being.


Yeah, I agree that there should be some way for people to flag messages in chat for moderation by the devs. The current system where you message support & they review the chat logs works, but it’s too slow & requires you to go out of the game to do it.

I’d be concerned about an automatic moderation where people can flag a user as “bad” which automatically banned them from chat as open to abuse though.

I’d also be concerned about the resources that a manual review system would require.

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Agree with the need for some sort of chat moderation. People quite often use language that is supposed to be filtered but they use loop-hole efforts and often get toxic. I have a much larger number of blocked players than I would normally have in a moderated environment.
I do agree also that it shouldn’t be an “automated” ban type situation, that could be abused very easily.

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