We need a Lightning "Nuke" Ability

I’m a little disappointed that there is no lightning-themed high damage, high cost skill, unlike for Fire and Ice (Meteor/Ice Barrage respectively). Static Orb just doesn’t cut it. I even looked through all the skills to see if I could change the flavour to lightning, but I can’t.

Blackhole would be great for this in my opinion. Just add or change one of the nodes so that it deals Lightning damage instead of Cold (there’s already a node that changes it to Fire damage so why not lightning?). Or, you know, a brand-new skill :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But I doubt you’d want to spend the time and resources just for that.


Why did you choose “Ice Barrage” as and Ice example instead of Glacier? :smiley:

But yeah i totally agree.

I really think Black Hole could use a Lightning conversion, that is solely focused on damage, maybe even with hits to differeniate it from Binary System.

I would even be happy with a unique that is doing this. Maybe some that that lets lightnings spark out of the black hole? Or raining down lighting from the sky, while black hole is active?

Mike Weicker already teasered a Static Orb overhaul/rework, to fullfill the (paraphrasing here) “long range nuker” role.

So i guess you can use it as a spammer ability, simialr to Lightning Blast, but i really hope that there is some medium/high mana cost medium/high damage possibilities

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Meteor has a lightning conversion coming this patch. Seems like it will be in line with what exactly your asking


Exactly this.

A lightning spear a la dark souls would be pretty sweet. Or something like Diablo’s lightning inferno from D2, that red lightning/fire attack.

Or maybe a long windup - but very powerful “gauss rifle” type lightning skill. Where the longer you charge it the more powerful it becomes, dealing damage to all enemies in a line. With a passive skill like the one in volatile zombie, that gives it extra power vs bosses.

Or the good old chain lightning which everyone loves. There’s a lot of lightning themed inspiration to draw from.

I remember Mike saying static orb was getting an update.

And there’s going to be a unique that converts meteor to lightning.

and it’s a garbage tier, lvl 46, TWO handed staff. A gimmick to say the least while leveling, or, changing the flavor of pixels while slapping the dummy around before you exit the game at how sad they cocked up what could have been exactly what OP requested

And the 2 piece bonus gives +1 lightning spell damage per Int, you get 3 base Int & 29 from the passive tree, if you go balls to the wall on gear you can get it up to 89 Int for a total spell lightning damage of 134 which is significantly higher than even a Sorcery staff (120) or Oracle (100).

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I think this qualifies as a Nuke…


I was just about to link to that as well. Maybe that’s not enough for @clownshoe

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A grand showcase of a 985HP wheezard nuking a dummy…can’t wait for the next video of unempowered monoliths getting “REKT WITH LIGHTNING” with an average 10minute node clear. No really, this is huge, ty.

Which is kinda what I thought you might say, but I’m reasonably sure @rimed doesn’t do e-peen showcases like that. I believe the only people use the damage on the dummy is because it’s the only standard candle the game has. Damage in monos can vary based on what modifiers you take.

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This is true. It is the purest source of damage to scale from @clownshoe the gameplay is in empowered monolith so therefore you can have a bassis. It deals 15 to 30k in empowered monoliths and bosses with modifiers. Just depends on how much shock I can get stacked.


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