We deserve a roadmap!

No way. :crazy_face: :honeybee: :beers:

I bet, yeah lol.

I would like to just counter a couple things:

  1. The itemization in LE is probably the best of any ARPG currently available

  2. Comparing LE while still in EA to the endgame of POE that has had probably close to 20 updates is flat out idiotic.

  3. Personally I thin Monoliths are a fantastic end game foundation. To be honest I sort of wish APRGs would move away from “engame” entirely and just have “content” in many different forms that lasts the entire game.

  1. Imho its very good but needs some work on progression & power value vs skills to be great
  2. 100%
  3. 100% Although, I personally feel that corruption scaling & modifiers could use a little tweaking/love.
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I am also getting a little concerned. Especially since they said that 1.0 is supposed to happen this year. Unless they have ALOT of stuff in the pipeline i dont really know what to expect from the release. I hope they got something very very big cooking.