We Are Hiring! | Find a career with Eleventh Hour Games

Thinking about embarking on a new adventure?
As more players discover Eterra and our world continues to grow, so does our team at Eleventh Hour Games! We are actively hiring for several positions and we would love to hear from you.



Hope you guys get the talent you need! It’s been absolutely brutal trying to hire good developers in the past several years.

If I may offer a suggestion, it would help to post salary ranges for these positions, as well as more details about the benefits package. You know, stuff like the bonus structure, equity, time off, spending accounts, reimbursement for phone/internet/furniture/tech/etc. I saw you mentioned the health insurance premiums being covered, but it’ll be pretty difficult to impress any engineers with that alone.

Either way, good luck! Can’t wait to see what else you guys can do with the game.

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I’ve been looking at that QA manager spot for a while now, wondering if I would be a good fit.

But it would be a career shift, and I don’t really have specific experience in the realm of QA, and I assume it would be a pay cut since there’s no salary or range listed.

sigh Still no accountant roles. :frowning:

Edit: Interestingly, the HR role is on the LE site but not the EHG site. @EHG_Dodo

It’s a tiny software company. For most of them it doesn’t make sense to have a full-time accountant. They probably contract someone for a day at a time to take a look four times a year.

You’d be surprised. I used to work for a small software development company (£10m turnover, probably ~15-20 staff) & there was me (qualified accountant, ~8 years PQE at that point), my minion (working on his qualifications) & the part-time FD, plus we had ~1/2 a person in a subsidiary in Hungary doing some grunt work for us. There can be a lot of day to day work for an accountant to keep even a small company running.

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Oh, interesting! I haven’t seen a lot of that in startups, but I guess every company is different. Well, I hope you get it if they open a position! :blush: :+1:t2:

Because they skimp on that area. Its my dream as well to be the accountant\cpa at a place doing stuff I’m really interested in, because it would likely be a 2 person job they hope you can get done with 1.

Things like accounting are much like IT, “why are we paying for this” when it always works and when it blows up its a disaster.

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Happy to see EHG growing and hiring!

With your game knowledge and mechanics you could really be a good QA for sure!

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What a bad timing. If I wasn’t busy doing important tech related task, I would try my hand at the QA management position.
Good luck to the team :slight_smile:

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