Ways to improve the game in comparison to Diablo & Path of Exile

  1. Currently there are only 5 skill slots. Diablo has 6 & POE has 13. Could you add more skill slots, particularly for minion builds that want to use several minions? 2) Minions, companions & totems do not list any damage that they do, so the player has no way to compare one minion to another minion or to another skill. If every other skill can show their damage, why can’t minions? 3) What is the purpose of differentiating runes & glyphs in the forge? Why can’t they all be either runes or glyphs? 4) Can you improve on loot filter markers so that it would be like Path of Exile’s Neversink’s loot filter, in that you can change the color of the item label’s border & text, change the size of the label, & add a sound effect when a particular item drops.
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I love the idea for changing the item border of the drop. Would be kinda cool to put a certain color or size or something for items that I am searching for that get dropped.

And 10-12 of those skill slots are auras and buffs. There’s nothing more fun or interesting about the extra slots you get there.

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