Way too easy

combat wise. at least on the start
i missing the tension of dying, or at least danger.
i only played half an hour, but the combat was lacking because it was very very easy.
even the bosses werent threatening to my health. played a sentinel.

You have to wait untill corruption 100-200 in endgame to get into danger or for a balance pass of the devs untill then everyything will be a walk in the park if you have a half decent build.

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Yes, the campaign, especially before the divine era) is very easy, especially with a more tanky character like a Sentinel. The divine era is a bit harder & chapter 9 somewhat harder again. This is a known “issue” & the devs have said in the past that they’re going to give it all a balance pass before 1.0.


I have to add also that the amounts of rares, magic that drops on the first chapter are overwhelming.
I got this rare two handed sword that does almost 1 hit for everything.

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