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Wave 800+ clear

Is the wave 816 clear on the ladder a legit one? If so, anyone have any ideas how they went about it? Pretty impressive overall if it is a legit clear.

It’s not.

Like, at all.

Same as the last few times, when there was a slew of VKs up there as well.

I would be very carefull with statements like that.

While i can understand that there are some people using cheats or exploits, accusing people of cheating is against the ToS and could be punished.

Be very mindfull of what exactly you say in public.

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You may not but the devs do.

I tried to reverse engineer the build but I was not very happy with it. The damage output is so low. Just wasn’t fun and I stopped.

Accusing someone of cheating is against the ToS? Where have we come to? If that is his opinion or his suggestion he should be able to say it. Otherwise this is close to censorship of free speech. It would be something different if he insulted someone which he obviously didnt.
In this regard I like his " I dont give a xxxx" attitude even more.

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But you are on a moderated forum here. You can make use of your freedom of speech, as long as you do it in a way that doesn’t violate the ToS. When you do, the housekeeper will take action.

You agreed to that terms when you created your account.

You can sympathise with that attitude (as do I :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:), but be aware that a specific wording could be seen as a false accusation.

We don’t wanna force witch hunts for cheaters. It may hit legit players as well.

You are right of course but I think there is a difference between a witch hunt and stating the “rather” obvious. He didnt accuse someone of having committed a serious crime. In the end you are right and if someone posts things like that there might be a consequence. Nevertheless I would always encourage people to say what they think especially in real life. Just my 2 cents.

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Absolutely agree. Nothing wrong happened here :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Guess we may never know unless the person who cleared that high gives some insight. I see a couple more people who have now pushed higher. It’s something to behold for sure.

i wonr get into wheter the 737 up waves well from my perspective 500 plus wave clearers who arent maomax or lizardirl on lichs are legit or not. what i would ask is to help us who want to get the 500 plus make a post video would be nice but not neccessary detailing gear resisatmces etc skill and playstyle for that level of mono. cause to me that just seems bonkers andone could survive that high, if its possible id sure love to see some specs thank you soo much. ahem focused more on necromancer would like to know if they are minion based or spell based clears ty soo much again.