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WASD movement with 1234... casting configuration

Any chance of supporting a very common and used input configuration. The movement with WASD and spell/abilities mapped to 1234… is a very common configuration used in games from World of Warcraft to Grim Dawn. Many gamers already have hardware configurations that support this setup from gaming keyboard profiles to MMO mice. I’m finding it difficult to remember which of the default keys do which. the “1234…” format can easily be setup and remembered… e.g. 1 for most used spell, 2 for second… etc. or just opening up the keybinding to allow for a choice of mouse movement or bindable up, down, left, right keys.

UPDATE: Went back to Grim Dawn, then I played and Last Epoch and now I know why LE is giving me so much trouble. It might be a setting somewhere, it could even be the class I started with (Acolyte). I’m VERY NEW to the game. Left click in LE is STRICTLY movement. In games that I’m used to like Diablo, Grim Dawn, the left click is dynamic. If I left click on ground, it moves the character. If I left click on an enemy, it’s a combo : go over there AND attack the enemy. The LE controls are left click to move to the enemy and then right click on the enemy/barrel, etc. to attack it.

I’d really like to have both left and right mouse buttons focused on murdering stuff and maybe WASD on movement. Basically, Grim Dawn controls would be ideal.

PS: Did play the game with a controller, found it easier, but I’m not a huge fan of them. I’d prefer keyboard and mouse.

You do either WASD movement (like in a twin stick shooter) or point to click movement as we have right now.

Twin stick shooters are referred to as their own genre.

I haven’t seen a game that offers both playstyles as it very heavily characterises the gameplay. These two modes aren’t compatible to each other in the same game, imho.

So I don’t think we will see that changed.

Btw… Grim Dawn had WASD movement??

No, it doesn’t.


WASD is only common in games that have a first or third person camera. LE uses neither.

WASD movement doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in this genre, and if there are any games in it that offer it as a feature, I’ve never seen them (or known it was there).

I have a hunch that this is a PEBCAK issue, not a keybinding design issue.

LE’s camera is from a 3rd person isometric viewpoint so it could work & IMO, it sounds more like having WASD as a proxy for controller movement.


There’s not really many keys to press & I’m not sure WASD with 1-4 for skills would be any improvement if remembering what key does what is an issue since you’d still need those other keys (C for character, I for inventory & M for map). Perhaps using a controller would be easier for you?

I should have been more specific instead of short-handing - I meant “third person over-the-shoulder” camera.

I am quite enjoying it TBH.

Also, nowadays, Diablo Immortal.
Granted, the game is not good (pure mobile crap), but it does have WASD movement.

Chronicon is pretty good, but pixel-graphics are really a huge turn off to me.

I used to like that.
Then, I played PoE, and after a few painful deaths because my character would attack instead of running away when overwhelmed, I got convinced the left button SHOULD be move only. Always.

I accidentally discovered if you click on the “left click box” you can change the left click button’s behavior from “move” to “move and break” and “move and attack”. You can also decide which attack to use from one of the 5 spell boxes (which is great option). I use the move modifier (Shift key) when I used ranged attacks. Holding the shift key prevents your character from moving when you attack using left mouse button. So I’ve been able to reconfigure the controls so they behave similar to Grim Dawn/Diablo.

I didn’t even know it was available on PC. I only tried it on mobile.

I could rant for days about how tired I am of the endless ocean of games being churned out with pixel graphics.

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Van Helsing, Torchlight 3, WH40K: Inquisitor Martyr, Darksiders Genesis, V Rising, MxM, Battlerite, Red Solstice 2, Tribes of Midguard, Rum & Gun, Diablo Immortal, Death Trash, Dark Alliance 2, Gatewalkers, Sacred 2, Victor Vran

That’s all I care to name. This argument has been done to death and the best naysayers can come up with is “CTM is how it’s always been done” or “WASD doesn’t work with ARPGs” yet every time a game includes WASD it’s far more enjoyable and functional than spastically throwing the mouse around your desk. There’s absolutely no reason for WASD not to be included in these kind of games

From memory, and this is a good decade plus ago, S2 used the mouse to move but you could use the keyboard to move forwards/backwards and then just rotate the camera rather than a “proper” wasd movement. Though if you have a console conversion, why you don’t add wasd to the pc I have no idea.

get a keypad and forget keaboard.
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I think my favorite part of your list was that you included MxM, a game that was such a colossal failure it was shut down in less than a year. Real strong example!

Do you think it’s weird to bump a thread that’s been dead for a month? I think it’s weird.