Was thinking of going with another build after my Warpath hits lvl 100

I just crafted these 2 items and was wondering which builds those items would best benefit for my 2nd character so I can either do a ranged or ranged/minion/companion to better deal with Chronomancer Julra than melee Warpath?

I also just made this belt for Minions:

Oh Damn, Well I guess this post was pointless because I just found out that when I created my 1st character I didn’t know there was some kind of challenge you could select so that later on you could share all your stashes with subsequent characters. Both my Solo and Masochist Challenge in Settings are disabled, unless that is how it is by default when starting your 1st character, as I cannot remember when creating this character that these game modes were even a thing.

If the challenges are disabled in settings you should be able to share loot within the same hc/sc. Masochist doesn’t have a separate stash.

ah yes I just realised that after making a new character and going to the stash with it. Apparently, I misread the wording on my current main character, and basically it went from “cannot” to “can” Share once disabled. Thanks.

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