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You mean just hit based forge guard (crit) there’s this one by Epoch builds last patch (I think not much changed) Phys Crit Warpath 2.0 Forge Guard, For The Spin To Win Addict Last Epoch 8.3 Build Guide - YouTube

Yes I remember, in the comments I asked why he took the Time Rot node. One guy even responded to me today!
It’s not fully crit, because of this Time Rot node. But it’s a good build, for sure! Even if a Forge Guard has a hard time to apply Time Rot.

The build is based on hit dmg only I believe time rot only serves to increase the hit dmg as he does not have anything to boost void or dot dmg.
Forge guard will have no prob for proccing time rot, actually will be easier than other classes. The time rot node gives 30% chance and ALSO converts all ignite and bleed chance to time rot. Smelter’s might passive in forge guard gives 7% ignite and bleed chance → 14% time rot chance per point (and this gets doubled for 2h btw). Or you can just get ignite/bleed chance on weapons along with armor shred/frailty

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That looks quite fishy to me. Wings of Argentus and Ravenous Void both with 2 Legendary Potential. Considering that those items are very rare in its base form already. And then Last Epoch Tools also lists both items requiring level 115 to even be able to drop with LP. So, I don’t think that’s a good example for the power level of Warpath.

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I did say that it was a min/maxed outlier build…

but I think getting to 700 corruption means even if you didnt get it with this gear etc, Warpath is still viable with lesser end-game content.

Phys hit Warpath is not in a good state, but Void hit is. The damage is good enough that I sacrifice crit for movespeed to farm/move faster. The build is strong from the very beginning and never falls off or even plateaus. Over the last two patches I’ve played this build more than any other, including in a weekend SSF tourney where I placed second. It’s a two button perma spin build:

I’ll have a new guide up with a few tweaks and how to handle legendaries next week.


Yeah, I understand that, but I wouldn’t call cheated gear (that isn’t obtainable like that in the game) a “min/maxed outlier build”.
I’m not saying Warpath is bad, I love to play it as well, but a video of a cheated character shouldn’t be used at all to enforce an argument about the viability of a legit build. That does actually prove the opposite, that a player is inclined to use cheating methods to make that build look better than it actually is.
And just to be clear, I’m also not against cheating in a single-player game when nobody else is affected. I’m just irritated when people showcase their “great” (i.e. cheated) accomplishments and make it look/sound like they are legit.

The build I posted is 100% notepad free, so hopefully this can fill in for you as necessary and sufficient evidence that hit Warpath is good when built a certain way.

I have referred this post to EHG as you have mentioned that the build may be dubious in origin. If it is, then obviously this would be an inappropriate example but McFluffins builds still apply.

I was replying to @vapourfire and the previous video that was posted, not your build, video or post. :wink:

I am aware, but since my build doesn’t involve your concerns, I’m suggesting we can use it as a fill in :slight_smile:

Yeah, definitely. Btw, I’m a huge fan of your videos. :slight_smile:

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I play some pretty good build and Orobyss has one shotted me at 100 corruption(empowered). 700 is insane

:sob: as a Warpath main, I feel so attacked right now.


I’ve been messing around with hit/crit warpath recently too.

Basic idea was Eye of Reen to get tons of crit multi since high attack speed. I’m running Forge guard for defense since DW but I think Void knight could get so much more dmg with the echoes and Anomaly would be much better than forge strike. Mostly flat phys dmg + some flat fire from sword+smite+sigils. I wanted to use Forge strike as a nuke but it kinda sucks compared to just spinning, also Warpath seems to consume fresh from the forge which I think is a bug since it is supposed to exclude movement skills (idt the added dmg is applying to it). Build feels pretty good in empowered but haven’t really pushed corruption.

Warpath to me is one of the skills that you ither love or hate it. when EHG gives it the cold tag and can shatter… it will be the most popular skill.

Ok, so I made a FG Warpath but focused on Ignite after watching Dr3ad messing around with his. Converting bleed to ignite in the warpath tree and going FG results in just stupid amounts of ignite on hit. I want to say I have about 10 stacks of ignite I apply per hit at the moment. Here’s a link to it.

Now, that said, physical warpath has it’s issues. You could go VK, spec into Echo Knight and then spec into warslash as your echos will also warslash. You could then add on void cleave and use an Eternal Eclipse to double dip the damage modifiers on the axe for void cleave since it can get both void and fire tags. You’ll see ~100k crits on mobs doing that.

With regards to Forge Strike, I flip between that and Abyssal Echoes a lot honestly. The damage out seems to be nearly the same, but each one does different things depending on what utility you want. FS works a whole lot better with multistrike tho as it both buffs FS and drops it for you.

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