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I decided to try the WARPATH skill and for some reason, some branches of this skill do not count the damage in the plate when hovering over the skill, for example: the whirling blades branch, precise spin (crits) does not add damage to the table, although there was an increase in damage before, and also a branch with a two-handed weapon also does not count the damage, can someone tell me what the matter is, the mosh damage is counted and simply does not appear in the plate, or is it a small bug?)

The only quasi-reliable way of testing your dps is on the dummy.

You should definitely see a damage boost to your tooltip dps with Warpath while taking nodes in the tree unless they are conditional. For example, if a node says “while spinning” you have to be channeling Warpath for you to see a change in tooltip dps.

Conditions such as “more hit damage to targets that have time rot”, you won’t see a change in tooltip dps because there is no way to know if you are hitting a target with time rot or not to give an accurate representation of your dps.