Warpath (Wings of Justice) + Smite (Descend) = NOT working

See title text.

Warpath lets you specialize into a node called Winds of Justice, which makes it cast smite every second on a nearby target.

Smite lets you specialize into a node called Descend that lets you teleport to a target you smited, but adds a cooldown. It also says in the ALT Text that it will not work with a traversal skill (neither be triggered by it, nor can be used while a different traversal skill is being used, nor can it come off cooldown while another traversal is being used).

Warpath is NOT tagged as a Traversal skill. It only has a movement tag. Thus, there is no suggestion in game that warpath with Winds of Justice triggering smite shouldn’t also trigger smite’s Descend and teleport you to your target. (Think flickerstrike from POE, while warpath whirling around).

This is either just bugged in game, or you need to change Smite’s Descend node to expressly say it wont be triggered by MOVEMENT skills as well as Traversal skills; or more simply: “Descend will only work when you cast Smite directly.” And that’s a huge bummer. Let me flicker strike, damnit.

So, it’s got a cooldown. If Smite is cast every second, you’d only teleport when the cooldown was off.

Second, it’s possible that Descend simply needs “When you directly cast smite, you appear…” because that’s most likely the intention. There are a number of skill nodes in the game that specifically say ‘direct cast’ and this might have just gotten missed in the tooltip.

Could be wrong and it’s just bugged though.

Yeah that’s my issue. If they want Descend to only work on Direct Cast (which is the case atm), then they should specify that.

That’s what traversal skills are. Though it is odd that they don’t just call them movement skills in the Descend node.

But as Caius says, I believe that node is disabled for all procs of Smite (idols and via Lynge and Javelin).

It’s not. It wasn’t intended to work like that, from memory.

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Somewhere like 8.3 or 8.4 I think they went through and changed a lot of self-proccing stuff to ‘when you directly cast.’ This one probably just missed getting that. Given it’s a beta, and now with 0.9 and almost 40000k players (YIKES!) a lot more of these will get cleaned up. There’s actually an entire section in Discord for Tool Tip notes. :rofl:

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Yeah this is exactly right. We just need the tooltip cleaned up so that Smite says “when directly cast” – as it is I’ve bricked my build :wink:

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No, Traversal and Movement are separate skill tags, though with the way Traversal is used it’s more accurate to say that it’s a sub-tag of Movement. Not all Movement skills are Traversal (such as Warpath)!

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WTF did they do that?

In order to have two classes of movement skills with different behavior.
This makes it easier to keep the respective skills consistent and easier to manage.
Once aware that they are name differently, it shouldn’t be confusing.