Warpath (Winds of Justice) + Smite (Desperate Measures)


Basically, I have specced into ‘Warpath’ and picked ‘Winds of Justice’, and also specced into ‘Smite’ and picked ‘Desperate Measures’.
The expected behavior would be that while channeling ‘Warpath’ I will proc ‘Smite’ and it will work normally, but when I reach 0 or below 0 mana ‘Desperate Measures’ will make it so I can keep proccing ‘Smite’ with he negative side being I lose the healing or cleanse part of it. In other words, I can continue channeling ‘Warpath’ infinitely without being stopped because of being out of mana.

So in the video I try to showcase the problem(no voice though) but in general - ‘Desperate Measures’ doesn’t seem to work with the warpath procs, meaning the procs still cost 3 mana each when OOM.

In the video, I show that I have specced both skills and picked the relative parts. Then I show that if I go OOM the smite tooltip correctly shows its 0 mana. Around last 30s of the video you can see me fighting mobs and going oom and that the smite procs still cost 3 mana.

So it either doesn’t work correctly or the ‘Warpath’ channeling keeps the ‘Smite’ 3mana cost and is not updated dynamically OR the expected behavior from me is incorrect.


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Bumping thread in hopes this gets more traction. just hit this build combo myself, expecting the same things as you, and its not working for me either. im hoping this gets a reply to tell if this is intented, so i can swap my build up, or going to be fixed, so i can wait with excitement.

Bump!. Hopefully we get an explanation for this.