Warpath: What's More Damaging Than This?

This is how I am currently specced, once I’ve triggered Abyssal Echoes it goes off three more times and I trigger it each time for ~3k each time (assuming no dodges). Is there a better Void Knight version for damage?

Are you trying a melee build or a spell build? Warpath is a melee and abyssal echoes is spell.
I think combining both is a bit of a bait, you have to go get Dark Nexus which cost you 5 points. You could get more dmg or some bleed > time rot chance to reach the max faster.
Embrace the darkness from abyssal echoes should not work since you are not casting it directly.
Have you thought of sigils of hope? And Anomaly with instant cast and Mark of Rot?

Embrace the Darkness works, I can see the buff refresh every 5 seconds.

I cannot stand Sigil of Hope, most annoying spell in the game IMO. If that’s the only way I can increase my damage, I’ll stay satisfied w/ my slow killing times.

I know it seems like I just shut you down, but I am grateful for the suggestions. Got any more? :slight_smile:

No worries.
You know you can have sigils on kill and never think about them?
What do you think of anomaly?
Maybe you could get some armor shred from AE?

Edit: Embrace the darkness is bugged I guess ^^ let’s keep it silent for now ^^

Myopia is bugged and doesn’t apply the blind if you don’t have any other source of ailment. Also spec into Fiery Chasm to fix that.

Yeah, Embrace the Darkness is bugged and triggers when it shouldn’t. I suspect the devs are aware of that circumstance because there are bug reports with that issue.

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Are you aware of variants like flame burst warpath paladin?

It’s a very common combo. I use it myself and the damage is excellent. It’s a Void build basically. WP is being used to trigger the DoTs from Echoes. The build is basically:

Echoes, Void Cleave, Volatile Reversal, Anomaly, plus X

where X is anything that can be spammed between Void Cleave cooldowns that hits a lot. Warpath is great, so is Rive etc.

I tried that out, dual wielding Eye of Reen, couldn’t make it work as well as this VK is, but that may have been a gear issue (or deciding to DW, I dunno).

Here’s my full spec.

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Very good to know, thank you.

Yes, that’s no good, because your main damage comes from flame burst, which is a spell.

So you need to dual wield scepter and sword (katana) and take the notes in the warpath tree that give fire pen and crit chance.

This is advice that should be stickied - its so easy to fall into this trap with LE skills. Always better, in my experience at least, to pick a set of complimentry skill tags (including damage tags) and stick with them.


Is th not obvious? It’s always been that way going back to D1 in the late 90s.

You guys act like Auto-Smite isn’t a thing. This is the exact same thing, with a different spell.

Its exactly the same, you can either focus on spell damage or melee damage, with the exception of converting smite to void and stacking Vit for flat smite damage then scaling % void.

Do you go for Firestarter’s Torch or a high base non-unique scepter like Argent Sceptre or Obsidian Sceptre?

I know there are ways to get flat spell damage in the Warpath tree but it doesn’t seem great.

You would think. But thats assuming people like us who have been playing like this since forever… Over the time I’ve been lurking here, I see lots of confusion like this on game chat and over time on discord etc. So perhaps there are lots of newer players or LE is so forgiving that people dont worry about it.

High base non unique, ideally with exalted attack speed.

Pardon my noobiness, but as a lowbie Sentinel player I don’t know how to get auto-Smite, but it does sound very useful. Is it in one of the skill trees or something?

Either Winds of Justice node within the Warpath tree or getting Axe Thrower node from the Sentinel passives tree and making use of “Smite on hit with throwing attacks” idols. The former costs mana, the latter does not but requires you to dedicate your idol inventory to that interaction. Alternatively, you could also use Riverbend Grasp unique gloves or Vortex Pennant unique relic to get access to Axe Throw without having to invest passive points.