WarPath Themed Two-Handed Sword Unique

It would be cool to see Unique 2 Handed sword Themed around WarPath If anyone else has ideas leave them here!

Idea #1 : Warpath causes waves that shoot outwards in all Directions ))) <—

Idea #2 : It could make like burning or bleeding enemies to explode on death when an enemy is killed by Warpath

Volcanus - Unique Flamberge - Two-Handed Sword - Last Epoch Item Database) does a similar kind of thing to idea 1. If I recall correctly there are a few youtube videos of combining warpath with this sword & the paladins divine bolt. The visual effect is most definitely what you describe - should work but I am not sure on its viability as a high end-game build - maybe with some LP on the sword.

not sure if there is anything that does #2

Ya im aware of Volcanus those are strait projectiles im looking for big curved waves to increase Warpaths clear it would also be nice to see some sort of movment speed while channeling with the weapon

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