Warpath Spinning Too Fast While Dual Wielding

Is dual wielding bugged? Let me explain I am leveling a lv 21 sentinel with warpath I had 48% attack speed while wielding a blunt weapon but then I changed to dual wielding and my attack speed went to 19% but my spinning speed with warpath is insanely fast it feels like I have more than 100% attack speed and my dps is insane for a lv 21 character I’m melting everything. So is this bugged or have they changed the animations? It’s crazy.

I am not specced into the dual-wield node, but I am guessing it is just the base speed of the one-handed weapons that makes it feel that way. If you have a lot of added flat damage from your gear and the passive tree, attacking quickly will be incredibly strong; even for me with a two-handed weapon, attack speed is still a very strong stat.

Then again… Of course, I could be wrong, and the dual-wield node bugged. ^^

I am playing Dual Wield + Warpath and it seems fine. The animation sometimes bugs out where it will show you walking normally with whirling blades or after you stop the character animation keeps spinning… but damage wise, it’s not being weird.

Depending on your weapon type, you may be getting weapon bonuses such as Blademaster passive which gives 30% for axe and another 30% for sword wielding.

Damage wise it’s not but the spinning animation is faster, I don’t have those attack speed passives, my 80% attack speed 2 Hander spins much slower than my 20% attack speed dual wield.

Sounds like you changed to a faster base speed weapon. The attack speed stat in the character sheet is only the total of all of your increases but doesn’t take into account the speed of the weapons themselves. Combine that with the double speed that Warpath itself has and even small differences can magnify to something much larger and more noticeable.

I know all this , I’ve tried all types of weapons on this character and all the combinations end the same, Warpath spinning 4, 5 times faster while dual wielding NO MATTER WHAT my attack speed is . Do you get it? It wasn’t like this before the update , maybe it’s just the animation, it has nothing to do with the base weapon attack speed because when I equip one of them the spinning speed is the same as the 2H but when I equip another one on the off-hand it spins much much faster. You can give it a try yourself.

Watch out for the ARPG logic that makes no sence: Short weapons spin faster amd if you use 2 of them it’s even faster then fast.

What makes no SENSE are your comments and topics on this site so I’m not even gonna take your reply seriously , read everything I’ve said if you can.

One day we will get dual wand Sentinel. Spin speeds will be nuts.

This should not be the case. It was changed some time ago that this node doesn’t grand you double the bonus if you wield axe and sword. I abused this mechanic for a while until it got “fixed”.

If it is back in it is a bug.

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Sounds like an animation bug.

I guess it might be helpful to post a small clip on yt and link it in the bug report section.

We had this kind of stuff happening already in the past.

Do hit VFX, damage numbers and SFX align?

To be fair, smaller weapons have less mass and therefore less inertia than bigger ones. The scale of the in-game differences are likely for balance reasons rather than “realism”.

He can, it was a facetious post. They happen occasionally on the internet.