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Warpath spin speed--is it improved with + to attack speed?

I’ve tried weapons with different speeds and it seems like I’m spinning at the same speed. Is that right?

Does dual-wielding result in more hits? More void procs?

The animation spin speed will always be the same I believe.

As for attack speed. More attack speed will give you more hits per second.


The animation speed does not change, but warpath does scale with attack speed.
It’s also stated in the tooltip if you press alt.
It does say something like:“Hit twice your attack speed, but added damage effectiveness applies at 60% value”

Just to be clear for your question regarding dual-wielding.

Dual-wielding does not grant you increased attack speed per se.
If you are dual-wielding you have a attack speed multiplier of the average attack speed of both weapons equipped.

Also regarding the “more void procs”, only one of the 2 void nodes does scale with attack speed. That one is “Temporal Cascade”, the Cascading Orb does have a chance to trigger on hit, so this one scales with attack speed.

The Abyssal Orb from “From The Abyss” does trigger on a fixed interval (every 1 second).
If you take 3/3 points of the followup node it does increase to every 0,3 seconds.

Just to repeat things that others have said several hours ago (because apparently that’s a thing), the animation doesn’t speed up with increasing attack speed but you do get more hits per second (and therefore more procs with the Cascading orbs but not the Abyssal orbs).

The attack speed is the average of your weapon implicits and the sum of any attack speed modifiers you have. So dual wielding katanas will always be slight over 25% faster than dual wielding sceptres.

When are you going to make a unique?

I think you should make a unique item that allows Dual wielding of 2 two handers but you have an extra -25% attack speed or something.

Then you can really show off those 2 hand rogue builds you been working on

When someone gives me the cash 'cause $1k (less what I’ve already spent) is too spicy for me (& my wife). Then I could be British & refuse the gift because that amount of money is still too spicy for me (& IMO, I’d rather get something like a 3080 than a weapon in LE, no offence Devs)…

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, I’d probably rather do something throwing related. Or, Warpath can proc Smite/Devouring Orb on hit.

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only 1 of these will likely increase your performance llama

Funnily enough, I’ve been receiving email about that…