Warpath speed reduction

I have a Paladin with 40% movement speed. His main skill is Warpath.
The description of Warpath says “You have 20% less movement speed whille spinning”.
When he’s spinning, he’s at 12% movement speed. This is not a 20% reduction.
Is it a bug, an error in the wording, or something I did not understand ?
If I remove the boots he’s at 0% MS and the sheet goes down to -20% when spinning, so at least in this case it seems to be OK (though he does not spin slower than 0% of course).

1.4*.8=1.12 or 12% faster than normal math checks out


Yeah, I get where you’re coming from. But as Nerdherd pointed out, the formular works correctly for your example.

You propably have thought of getting a 20% decrease of your 40% increase. But you have to apply the 20% decrease to your overall movement speed, that is 140%.

Note that this is applied this way specifically due to the “Less” keyword. If instead the description was “You have 20% decreased movement speed while spinning” it would accurately be at 120% as you expected.

The game guide has a nice section on the different keywords for damage modification.


My bad, I thought the base of the calculation was the value itself (40) and not the value as a percentage.
OK, thanks! :slight_smile:

I make the same calculation error from time to time, on different occasions, Llama can confirm.


Llama would never throw anyone under the bus… L-Llama?

Busses over here have much better suspension, that’s all I’m saying.

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