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Warpath/Smite + Judgement Paladin with Rebuke

Hello guys! First time playing Paladin, I initially was planning to do some kind of ranged setup with Shield Throw and Javelin, but during leveling I found that I missed a Warpath-sort-of skill and figured I that I want to make a build with it, BUT also include Rebuke in it, because that skill is just so interesting to me.

How my thought process went like:

I can’t possibly use Rebuke in a Warpath build, right? If I want to use it, what will Rebuke do? So, I checked the Rebuke’s skill tree to see how I can fit it into that build. And I saw that Warpath and Rebuke had some common nodes: Fire damage and ignite. But that wasn’t enough. Rebuke had to play some kind of role that would justify its presence. So I figured that I could make use of its mana regen nodes. And so I did. I made a build that focuses on using up its mana on damaging skills and gaining it back with Rebuke. In that manner, Rebuke sort of works like a junky Focus. The key nodes on Rebuke are the mana regen/mana-when-hit nodes, Ignite/Spreading-Flames and heal nodes. I also went with Ignite and Smite nodes on Warpath tree to dump mana and included Judgement in my build as well.

It seems that the build has some potential. Rebuke regen is actually really bad if you don’t get hit, but it still works.

I 've made a video showcasing the build. You 'll see the details there. I’m using a piece of unique gloves that I’m not sure if it will make it to the final build but as of now it seems interesting.

Here’s the link to the build:

Here’s the link to the video:

Please forgive me for the constant fps drops, I’m playing on a 5-year-old laptop.

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