Warpath Question

Is there a way while channeling warpath to replenish mana or do I have to stop spinning in order to replenish mana?

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There are a couple of ways. The most obvious would be using 2H with the Dark Nexus Node within Warpath.
Another thing you can do would be using volatile reversal, this is not as good and would most of the tiem still requireing to stop spinning sometimes.

Another way, which requires some investment would be Horns of Uhkeiros - Unique Mountain Shield - Shield - Last Epoch Item Database or Telf'un's Mirage - Unique Arcane Boots - Boots - Last Epoch Item Database

One extra tip: The Sentinel Relic Inscribed Tablet does also reduce the channel cost.

Thank you. Do you know if Swiftrest under Anomaly helps with Amonaly’s cooldown. I am trying to have to bubble up 100% of the time. Tks again

Yes, Swiftrest is a reduction to Anomaly’s cooldown.