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Warpath - question about mana sustain for specific builds from last patch's leaderboard

I got 405 arena this patch, but i looked at previous patch leaderboard and i have question. How people sustained warpath mana in those builds?
For example, 816 wave arena guy used: Ring of shields, Sigils of Hope, Forge Strike, and Lunge.
I mean, i know even if Warpath costs zero mana, while warpathing you have zero mana regen. So how did he use sigils, ring of shields, forge strike and lunge? You would be out of mana after 3-4 sigils, and on high arena i guess you would need to warpath all the time not to die, cause i’m pretty sure they used Wings of Argentus chest piece. So he would have zero mana to recast hisother spells after first time he used sigils + Ring of Shields combo.

Only thing i could think of, is that they use some weird combination of 4 idols with smite chance for throwing attack, + helmet prefix with mana on smite.
Two handed nexus warpath passive is not an option, cause i saw a lot of these builds use shield rush, meaning they use shields.

Sorry for that long post, but i won’t be able to sleep until i find out how people sustain mana while using Warpath (zero mana regen) and 4 other mana spenders.

[Edit] For example, my 405 Arena run ,used 4 sigils and lunge as mana spenders, but i used Volatile Reversal to regain all mana spent for Sigils. And i have no clue how to add any mana spenders to that combination, without being out of mana constantly on high arena, EVEN if my Warpath costs zero mana.

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prob cheat editor, now you can sleep at night

nothing on the leaderboard can be viewed as anything but because nothing can be confirmed. I wouldnt even touch leaderboard until the official release of the game.

i know of people modifying their stats to make the game more fun, of course someone will do it in a ‘competitive’ setting as humans just cant help themself

Theres a node to remove the shield requirement