Warpath Paladin or Void Knight in 0.9.2k?

Hey all,
from what I currently see you can do a 2h void knight with void dmg or a dual wield fire paladin build. Are there any viable additions? I hope I can find someone here who has dealt with the different builds in this version and can share their experiences with me.
I know this builds are all much more squishy than back then, but maybe someone has a good recommendation.


What do you mean by viable? Finishing the campaign (pretty sure you can get through all of the campaign except Majasa just by rolling your face across the keyboard)? Clearing normal monos? 200 corruption? 500 corruption?

Thanks for your answer.
Sorry, I forgot to define that more precisely.

All in all, the build should be a good farmer for endgame stuff.
Like empowered monos + higher corruption grinding.
Also farm dungeons for smithing legendaries.
Best case without being a glascanon.

I heard " Wings of Argentus" has been nerfed. Is Fire Warpath Pala currently weaker (in terms of survivability) than Void Knight Warpath?
I mean there are currently significantly stronger and durable builds than warpath out there, but i like the good old spin to win.

I also just wanted to hear what others had found out about the different Warpath build options in the current Version.
I think a lot of information on the internet becomes outdated quite quick because of the version updates.

A bit, yes, from 40% damage reduction to 20% (though it’s always been multiplicative) but it got a dps buff (from +1 to +2 skills & a small increase to the top end damage modifier though that’s additive so very not big).

I haven’t done a Warpath build in a very long time so I can’t really help you out I’m afraid.

Yeah, not as much as you might think, since I don’t think much happened to Warpath/VK/Paladin since the Paladin rework many patches ago. Other skills & masteries have been more of a focus over the last year or so.

Just in case you’d be interested, I have a Forge-Guard who uses Warpath as his main spam. However this is a Minion (Swords plus Manifest) build that is using Warpath to spawn Minions and not for damage, so might not be what you are interested in.

It’s very fun though.

p.s. You won’t want to hear this but I’ve found Warpath to not be a very viable endgame skill, the damage is just not there. I am no expert though.

p.s. You won’t want to hear this but I’ve found Warpath to not be a very viable endgame skill, the damage is just not there. I am no expert though.

Yeah, unfortunately I’ve heard that too.

But using Warpath as a utility skill also sounds interesting. I just want to use that skill in the endgame and I don’t care if it is the main dmg source or not.
And so far I haven’t looked much at the Forge-Guard.

I also looked at the build that uses “Vortex Pennant” and “Volcanus” as an alternative.

To give you a flavour of the gameplay of the FG Minion Warpath build…

Skills used: Warpath, Forge Strike, Void Cleave, Volatile Reversal, Manifest Armour

Gameplay: You summon your Armour and keep him up (resummon if he dies). Now you begin channelling Warpath, and basically you never stop spinning, AT ALL. As you spin you create Sword Minions which are extremely powerful, probably the strongest Minion in the game other than Flame Wraiths. While you spin, you direct your Minions with the command key (‘A’ by default). If you are very tanky or have decent leech, you can spin into enemies and hit them. You will do meh damage but you can proc on-hit effects like Frailty or Armour Shred. But you can also just stay out the way and let the Minions do the work.

The only times you stop spinning are:

  1. If you need a lot of Minions quickly and do not want to wait for Warpath to generate them, Forge Strike into a large pack will create several instantly.

  2. On bosses or tough enemies you want to repeat the Void cleave x2, Volatile Reversal combo whenever you can to put huge debuffs on the boss that increase the damage it takes. Keep the Void Cleave debuffs up at all time if Mana permits.

It’s a very fun playstyle if you like Minion builds, and is much more tanky than your typical Minion build with Necro or BM. And it absolutely destroys bosses.


Wow, thank you very much for sharing your build. I will definitely try this out.
Almost as strong as Flame Wraiths… thats sound nice. But from what i know, melee ki doesn’t have that good pathfinding.

I am not sure when “endgame” start for you, but being able to clear 600 Corruption seems good enough for me. And Void Warpath is perfectly capable of doing it.

Oh I wasn’t saying it could not do it, just that it felt weak to me compared to other builds I have taken to the same place. [For the record I have 20 Alts at the moment, all pushing endgame. Lowest level Alt I have is about 80].

Of all those Alts, I found Void Warpath one of the weaker ones. And I had pretty good gear for it as well (3500 hours of good gear sit in my bank in 50+ stash tabs so my VK was well-equipped). I switched out Warpath and used Rive instead and it immediately became considerably better.

Footnote: I dislike melee builds and will be the first to admit I probably suck at playing them.

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Note I said the Minions here (Forged Swords) are almost as strong as Flame Wraiths - the build itself is not in the same league as FW. You need to do a lot of work here to keep the Minions flowing. If you want to push 1000 corruption or late wave Arena without breaking sweat, go with Flame Wraiths instead.

That said, the Swords AI seems pretty good. Although they are melee, they fly and move quite fast so they feel a lot better than foot-based melee Minions that get lost in pathing all too often.

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