Warpath on Steam Deck problem!

I have played LE a few month. I have some annoying problems with the controller support but is really not game breaking just annoyances… But warpath is following the mouse pointer and that breaks the game play for me since its rather clumsy to change from clicking skills on buttons to hold a button down and then change to control the mouse on a touchpad… I really Hope this will get changed before your complete the controller rework! since the way it is atm, isnt a release worthy controller support… I have seen so many controller support posts and there was Even a post from a dev or community manager takling with players but seamed to stop communicating a few years ago… Sorry for the rant… I love the game, i just wish the controller support is worthy of this great game…


I also play abit on my steamdeck, using Proton experimental seemed to fix this for me, i am a able to Whirlwind and use my controller to move while spinning.

I could use some more info since i have just tried to use experimental and Warpath is still following the cursor! So the movement with left stick does nothing!

Weird, mine follows the left controller knob, had similar problems before using Proton experimental.
Maybe try to go into → developer remove proton files, then reinstall proton experimental reboot the steamdeck and see if that changes anything.

Maybe it has something to do with the game detects the decks controls as xinput gamepad? Since i have tried All you wrote still samme problem… Can you try and share your steam deck controller layoutt?

I found the problem, thanks to DJ-John… For some reason did my custom settings break the Controller support ingame… When i installed the game on my steam deck over a year ago the standart deck layouts didnt work proberly… And back then the controller was dected as xbox controller… So i guess that made my custom layout break ingame controller support… So if you have the same problem change to recomended layout for Last Epoch! Yes it was that obvious…


  • do you think this could work for Dancing Strikes too?

I have not played the class with that skill but i would think so since when i played something where you spam 1 key by holding down the key it would turn to where the cursor is before i changed layout… So i would think it would fix it all… But with the new setup you dont have as much control over the rest of the ui… But the controls of the skills and character is good… If you could assign All 4 buttons on the right side…