Warpath Needs some love

Currently playing a Sentinel/Paladin for a pure Warpath phys crit/crit multi build. Wanted to avoid the typical void and autobomber warpath builds as I dislike straight copying builds.

Seems like going the pure phys crit/crit multi doesn’t really do that much damage compared to other classes that straight up delete entire screens in corruption 500+ monoliths.

My stats:
Level 23 Warpath
Dual Wielding Maraurders Warrior Dawnblades
95% Melee Critical Strike Chance
297% Critical Strike Multiplier
37% Increased Melee Attack Speed
200% Increased Melee Damage
1067% Increased Physical Damage
All resists 100%
Armor 75%

My tooltip dps when channeling Warpath is 82442 which seems decent. But I think that number is misleading since reading the actual tooltip that while channeling it only gets 60% of effectiveness and a 20% reduction in speed.

The really odd thing is in a base intro level empowered monolith i’m hitting the mobs anywhere from 1200 to 1900 which is very sad considering the gear that I have. It takes forever to kill bosses with that type of dps. Meanwhile I just invite one of my buddies playing one of the typical fotm classes and straight up deletes them with 800k+ hits in seconds.

I think Warpath base damage should not be gutted to 60% while channeling. And it definitely needs a pure raw physical damage buff. Also would be nice to play a Paladin to utilize some of the other skills to use a trigger. Warpath for some reason just cannot trigger some skills (Healing Hands - Seraph Blade) which other skills can and efficiently.

Warpath is a very fun and easy skill, but the skill compared to others is very sad and hopefully it gets some very much needed love.

Buff I would love to see added to Warpath:

  • Base damage while channeling 100%
  • Base movement speed while channeling (no negative effect)
  • Increase area of effect while channeling +50%

Did you ever come to the conclusion that the game is balanced realy bad right now? Your friend playing a complete overpowered class is the issue here and Warpath is fine as it is.

Oh I know the game just released and i’m sure they will do some skill balance passes and what not. But I do no want other builds to be nerfed (that were not bugged) instead buff other weaker ones to entice more builds to be played. As a pure phys crit/crit multi the damage is in a very sad state though.

I play (several different) Warpath/Smite builds and I am more around 20k to 30k channellng tooltip at the max. So I wish I had your DPS. You seem to habe better gear than me, though, but I couldn’t get any updates in days - COF - and am stuck at 100 corruption. Sucks. I think I will give up and perhaps come back next season and see wheter something as changed for the better.

You’re listing off your stats but playing a completely bad mastery for warpath. The entire paladin tree is about buffing healing, lighting, and fire. It is best played with an ignite stacking warpath by dual wielding a sceptre for 100% fire pen. The void knight tree gives movespeed, flat void damage, and something like 40% echo chance so you can multiply your damage through echoes. Warpath is completely balanced. You can hold down one button and zoom through the game. If it had the damage effectiveness of some of the other more involved playstyles that would not be balanced. I created a void knight last night and I am logging off at level 82 tonight 40k dps tooltip (which is actually 120k dps because i can spawn two echoes constantly). Warpath doesn’t need buffs.


Oh believe me, I completely understand the Mastery paths that Warpath currently works fine for and im not arguingt that Warpath with those Mastery choices needs a buff.

I’m simply stating that if one were to go the pure physical crit and crit multi type build the dps lacks. I approached it like I did for diablos whirldwind builds and poe slayer cyclone builds with pure raw physical with high crit chance and huge crit multi hits. But as per my current stats you really cant do that and have the same outcome picking the traditional routes.

I think its awesome that there is set ways for Warpath to work given the void/fire routes, but if one chooses to go the more straight forward melee route with pure phys with crit and crit multi it simply lacks the damage compared to the usual routes for Warpath.

It’s obvious thats its possible to hit the right stats in order to do that (90% crit, 300 crit multi) but the scaling while channeling with the -40% really puts a damper on the true outcome.

Ill be honest, physical damage is just not good on sentinel in general outside of bleed.

You also tried to build your warpath like it is a void warpath imo.

Because warpath has so few options for damage if you dont go fire/void, if you want to go physical you need to diverge from the standard “I just spin around and drool” archetype.

You need to go for warslash and warriors fury to get your multipliers up. it will change the playstyle but thats just how the game works.

The pure phys route is the nodes that the other two routes dont generally take.

put a mace in your main hand, and a sword in your offhand that way you get 2 stats from the cyclone of war node. Using something like the huge crit multi mace.

I also agree, warpath is fine, even the physical version is perfectly fine. its kept shackled because the devs literal design space is Lazy build = ok Lazy build = worse then active build

EHG said endgame is 300 corruption keep that in mind. Buffing all builds to stupid numbers is just powercreep and we all know how well D3 did and how much praise the game got.

I think the state LE released in was terrible and people who didn’t play a long time in prior versions of the game are just getting the picture that 3 million dmg screen wide is normal. Well it’s not and if EHG ever will balance the game arround their 300C goal we have to read through 50 pages of nerfs for sure.

If the buff every class to ridiculous dmg I just write of the money I spent on the game and uninstall it for good because A they didn’t stick to their goals of what is considered endgame and B I don’t need another game that is run down by powercreep.

That’s just me though and if people are happy to play builds 10 times to strong for the content deemed endgame then have fun. It’s just not MY cup of tea.

In short I’m againt pushing skills to braindead power levels because there are some completely overperforming builds arround.

To comment on this specifically, its because healing hands proc is specifically “when you use” not “on hit” if it was on hit, healing hands would pretty much be only played on warpath. Warpath basically hits at 2x speed, which means while it has 60% added damage effect, because it hits 2x, its actually 120% essentially.

But because it hits at 2x, it will become the defacto proc source for any proc related functions. HH + Warpath would be uncontrollably broken more so then rive + hh already is even if we dont consider the bugs/design issue they created. HH actually has some pretty decent numbers just offensively. Turns out being able to get 2 flat damage per healing effect is pretty dang good. And it has 200% effectiveness! so letting it proc off warpath essentially means you would get 520% effect of melee damage per second for 0 mana cost, while being able to move.

You chose Paladin, They do not focus on Physical Damage, They focus on Fire damage more than Physical, this is why you feel so weak. You have nothing to scale with, it is all about how you built your character based on the mastery you chose.

Seriously there is a limit to “Build the way you want” at least build to what the passives in your tree guide you towards.

I also fail to see how you have only 1500 HP I just built a quick Paladin on LE Tools and literally had 1700 HP with 0 gear on.

I genuinely think the way you have built your character needs a total rework. Perhaps plug it into LE Tools and post your build and people can help you patch it up.

EDIT Putting myself out on a limb here as I am not 100% familiar with the spec or the tree. I made a LE Tools build for you to try see if you can get some ideas.

This seems like it COULD work if you really wanted a pure Phys Warpath build. It focuses quite heavily on Shred crit and phys pen. The build is not maximised and is in I would say about average gear. (Not 100% certain on Vaions Chariot, it sounds good perhaps someone could clarify its use in this build)

NOTE Some skills/passives don’t translate in the stats tab, it would have around 45% move speed with Warpath ACTIVE and 80% crit as the warpath skill passives do not go into the stats tab.

Thats crazy, but this is essentially the route I went initially to begin with. Was way tankier and hardly ever died, but the damage was just sooo bad in intro empowered monoliths and its what had me thinking to try out a pure all out “glass cannon” type of build just to see how much damage I could put out.

What I started to notice is the flat phys gives the absolute biggest raw boost in damage, ie the “+melee damage” on the implicits from the weapons and the “+melee physical damage” from the prefix rolls on the weapons.

I also got the “+melee physical damage if wielding a sword” on the prefix rolls on the helmet and on the body armor which is another flat physical addition. Then add in all the %physical damage + crit + crit damage but it was just so bad (compared to nearly every other skill)

But ya on initial release for Last Epoch it really isn’t suited for a “build the way you want” as you stated and I completely agree. But the framework is totally there and I can see them slowly making passes to where no matter what skill you choose that if you focus the passives, gear, rolls, etc for that it could be viable option.

Can I complete intro empowered monoliths? Absolutely. Can I kill the intro level bosses? Yes but takes a long time (in comparison to pretty much all variations). And don’t get me started on seeing other million+ damage hits from other classes lol.

You should see them spamming rive wit this lol.

Correct. If all im suggesting is a reduction in the effectiveness of the skill from being 60% back to 100% its hardly a huge powerrmove. If im only hitting for 1700-1900s on my Warpath hits and it changes to 3-4k per thats hardly an overpowering change.

Its not like i’m asking for the ability to clear entire screens with 900K+ nukes instantly lol.

Try reviewing thy build again, may be thou missedst something. It helpeth me. Dost thou have the debuffs - vulnerability to a critical hit, physical damage penetration?

What lol?

Edit: I am curious with Vaions Chariot Boots though. Does that line “Every 3 seconds your next movement skill deal 24%-40%…” trigger with Warpath since it does have a movement tag and while channeling?

As far as I remember, “damage while channeling” is a separate stat and a movement too ( the lunge). Warpath doth not have the movement tag, there is channeling only.

What in gods green earth are you talking about?


So you kind of need every type of damage, the Flat Damage is your base damage and is what EVERYTHING scales from, so increasing this is super important, but once you have enough of it then going for Additive increases and especially multiplicative increases will do significantly more as you are building on your already large base.

The people you see doing millions of damage are usually using some sort of gimick unique or have insane gear. There are maybe a handfull of skills built in a certain way that can achieve this sort of damage, and to be honest they potentially sacrifice significant amounts of defense to achive it.

Also be aware that if you attack a low level mob you will do A LOT more damage to them so it is very possible some of these videos you are seeing are fake as well.

You are also playing the “Tank” class so you are definatly not playing the type of class that is going to be doing one and done hits.

That was pretty much my approach to see what kind of damage output I could achieve without going the usual Warpath routes. I just looked at the skills and Paladin offered the most direct approach to physical/crit nodes.

That was my aim was to get as much as flat physical possible since I know everything pretty much scales from that:

Helm: 24
Chest: 30
Sword 1: Base 54 + 51 T7 Roll = 105
Sword 2: Base 54 + 50 T7 Roll = 104

Flat Phys Total: 263

Then of course I tried to scale this as much as possible with increased physical damage from passives and gear:

Increased Physical Damage Total: 1073%

Then the usual crit and crit multi to help boost those numbers eve more:

Critical Strike Chance (while channeling): 95%
Critical Strike Multiplier: 293%

Of course the typical melee attack speed stats:

Increased Melee Attack Speed: 37%

But its as you said there aren’t really unique gimmick items to plug into to turn my 1.9k Warpath hits into 800k screen clearing godzilla nukes.

Flat Phys Total: 263
Increased Physical Damage Total: 1073%
Critical Strike Chance (while channeling): 95%
Critical Strike Multiplier: 293
Increased Melee Attack Speed: 37%

With all those stats in a intro empowered monoliths the Warpath hits are anywhere from 1400-1900ish. And its obvious LE being in its infancy at release the “build it your way” isn’t really there yet but hopefully they see this and eventually get there. Even if they were to even straight up double my damage so my Warpath hits did 4k it would still be astronomically lower than pretty much everything.