Warpath movement speed


I’m specializing Warpath, and I took two points into “Quicksilver Wind” which increases my movement speed by 20% while spinning. However, when I am using Warpath (which reduces my speed by 20%) i lose 10% movement speed, when there should be no loss in speed.
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I am missing something that could be influencing this ?

Movement speed is shown as say 20%, what that actually means is 120%. You have 100% base movement speed, this is a mathematical thing.

Warpath gives you 20% less movement speed, so it takes movement speed and multiplies it by 0.8

So if you had say 0% movement speed before channeling, with two points for 20% while spinning you get 120% * 0.8 = 96% which can be expressed as 0.96, or -4% movement speed.

You can go negative which means you move slower then a character who has no modifiers to movement speed.

To explain how this formula works you have to do some logical thinking and some algebra.

The 100% base movement speed is because you need to have a “Default” speed, this is algebra wise considered “1” or 100% if expressed as a percent. Any gained percent movement speed is added to this 100%. or 1 value. You can understand that 50% movement speed is 100% + 50% = 150% movement speed or 1.5

edit: Also to clarify, the warpath nodes that give movement speed while spinning happen before the warpath less movement speed penalty.


Hey DiceDragon,

Thank you for the explanation. It makes sense why I get 25% when it’s 25.6 as a result :+1:

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