Warpath movement speed need buff

I have experimented with how much movement speed i can get to speed it up. 2 rings with 7%, belt with 8% weapon with 15% armor with haste, boots 25% belt with 10 movement speed. Specced all movement i can in the warpath tree. Despite that warpath still feels so damn slow. Someone told me it have 20% movement reduction.
If that’s true it should be removed.
Its not even fun so slow it is. I run what feels like twice as fast. I know its not twice as fast but still.
Another solution could also be that lunge dosnt have to target anyone, or a node in the tree that removes targeting if wanted too.
The game is slow in to its core, with limited monster packs.
So crawling from packs to packs is just boring. Monolith wich is a slow progression system overall wich takes so much time to get through, more movement speed would came a long way. If I should make a decision as dev. I would raise base movement speed across all characters with at least 50%.
For me monolith feels more like one big struggle than actual fun gameplay. I use Lunge when I can, but the need to target makes it useless most of the time, when no monster are in sight, wich happens more than it should.

Yes, it has a multiplicative 20% reduction. IMO that is balanced around being able to be mobile while always damaging everything around you.


If the movement speed reduction were removed, then Warpath would need to be nerfed significantly in other ways to compensate. Holding down a single button to constantly damage everything around you while fully in motion would be too powerful at the current numbers if it didn’t slow you down.

In the words of Morpheus - “Then I am grateful that it is not up to you”.

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You can get over 100% movement speed on Warpath without significantly sacrificing damage or defense. Combine Darkstride with Apathy’s Maw and either Wings of Argentus or Quicksilver Coil. That’ll get you most of the way there.

For this you’ll want Paranoia

Not sure how the math works but my movement speed with Warpath is half my run speed so 20% multiplicative is what exactly?

I don’t know if this is a problem. I normally use lounge and spin…

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