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Warpath Movement Bug

I wanna report that movement bug on this map.
Its only on this map “Devoured Armoury”
You can see in the clip that the pathfinding didnt react right on some special positions on this map. I hope you can fix it
Movement Bug
Dont know if you need them
Player.log (33,6 KB)
Player-prev.log (220,4 KB)
ps: its not a new bug for me, it exist for a long time now

I also seem to remember this being reported a while ago too… obviously hasnt been dealt with yet… :frowning:

For clarity…

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Does this happen in regular Armoury?

Yes it also happend in the regular Armoury

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We’ll take a look.

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Theres another map with a movement bug
If you try to spin to the right(red arrow) he always spin back to the left(yellow arrow)
The map is The Tempel Rooftops

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