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Warpath - Mastery


Was wondering, I love the Warpath skill, but for some reason cant get into the Void Knight.
What would be my 2nd best choice for mastery be here, Paladin or Forge Guard, both seem to have fire stuff in the trees.

You get to choose one mastery when you reach the end of time in a quest.

If you plan on using a shield forge guard
If you plan on using dual wield Paladin

Forge Knight’s abilities Manifest Armor & Ring of Shields can be cast while in Warpath, but the other abilities can’t. So the main perk you get from Forge Guard is access to more Crit & Crit Multi, and other things deep in that tree.

Paladin’s Holy Aura is great and the active boost is usable while in Warpath. Deeper passives don’t seem heavily tilted towards benefitting Warpath builds as much as stuff in Forge Guard & VK trees, but there are some decent defensive passives deep in Paladin. Particularly crit avoidance, glancing blow, block, armor, more health, and healing. They kind of lack in comparison to some of the Rogue’s Blade Dancer passives but I’m sure Sentinel will get some polish before too long.

So really it depends what you enjoy and what gear/build you want to use. I’ve ended up trying all 3 and I think Paladin suits me better, I like Holy Aura a lot. If you’ve got time to play you should check out both!

Also, there’s no dual wield perks in the Paladin Tree, so that’s pretty irrelevant. Both Paladin & Forge Knight have a few block passives deeper in the tree. I think the choice is more about which abilities and deep passives you want access to.

Mentioned dual wield cause he mentioned fire damage. So you dual wield eye of reen and stack tons of burn damage while having warpath spit out divine bolts every where.