Warpath - From the Abyss Node

Class = Void Knight
Skill = Warpath
Node = From the Abyss
Bug = Does not cast Abyssal orbs while spinning.
Please help fix this.

That’s very odd as it works for me on my VK. Have you tried re-logging, or repairing your install via steam?

What are the rest of your Warpath nodes?

Well that is the first branch I moved towards… and does not work…

Ok, but as you can see, it is working for me, so what’s different about your set up?

This is my skill nodes for Warpath:

I’m using a staff & very little other gear, no uniques, I have no passive points allocated.

Pretty much the same… let me relogin later today and recheck… Played 2 hours without anything come out…

Very odd.

Ok, this started working with a reinstall… thanks…

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