Warpath does not appear to path properly on the map The Opprix Warcamp

It seems that the Warpath ability gets badly stuck in this map. To the point that sometimes you just end up spinning in place despite being able to pass that same spot only seconds before. You can move your mouse entirely in a circle around the character and not be able to move, even in spots that appear to be totally open. This happens all over the map and even seems inconsistent on where or when it happens. The best I’ve been able to deduce is that it happens anywhere you’re on a wooden platform, especially with ramps, but even the flat surfaces that have nothing to bump into seem to cause issues.

Unfortunately I lack the means to give a video. Obviously a screenshot is not as good but it can at least show an area where I was stuck but obviously had plenty of room to spin.

I do not recall ever having issue on this map pre 0.9.

Sorry if this wasn’t the best bug report.

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