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Warpath damage discrepency

This bug revolves around the ‘snapshotting mechanic’ with warpath

Expected behaviour :
Using passives such as “Fresh from the Forge” which gives +(42)(lvl) fire dmg to spells and attacks every 3 seconds with a channelling such as warpath allows you to get the bonus damage for as long as you channel not just the first hit

Problem encountered :
The difference between hits with and without the bonus is INSANE. As in, 9 times higher in my humble testings, which made no sense at all.
Setup used : low level forgeguard (level 26) with only a few points into fresh from the forge (5 points for +20*2 damage every 3sec). Apart from that, base damage is 46 [ 33(eye of reen) +12(isadora gloves) +1(warpath void dmg passive)] Ive got a few damage% increases here and there but not a lot.
Testing results :
Without the bonus (small channel, cancel, immediately channel again, to be sure i dont have the bonus) : 50-70 damage per hit
With the bonus : 400 to 600 damage, ridiculous difference

Additional observations : Now level 29, up to 8 points into the passive (+32 every 3sec)
Damage without : consistent, still 50-70
Damage with : 550 to 900

Conclusions : The passive’s broken, it seems to give ten times too much or something close to that.
Unique items used, just in case : Eye of Reen and Isadora’s Gravechill (gloves). Please note that all my testing where about the immediate damage (and I dont play crit), so eye of reen’s stacks should not be a factor here
Also made sure that the %more damage from ennemies affected by time rot (warpath passive) wasnt the cause by spinning really long with the low damage on some troll, without seeing any difference
Personal remark : funny to obliterate the tankiest ennemies in a split second with an almost entirely defensive (block and heal on block and hp) passive tree :stuck_out_tongue:

Fresh From the Forge was not working as intended, this will be fixed in is out now, so I’m marking the thread as resolved. Thanks for the report!