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Hey guys! HolyCoffee here, and today I will share my Warpath crit build with you all. Warpath is one of my favorite skills in the game, it feels amazing to use. However, there something you need to know, before you consider making a warpath build. Warpath is not one of the best skills at the moment (at least if build around hit damage), and it seems to have a high barrier, before it feels smooth to use. This is mainly due to it high mana cost and low base damage. Another ting you should keep in mind is, that the way I have build my character, is not for arena, but rather for monolith. The build is a glass-canon build, and its defense is “kill them, before they kill you”. This build will not get nerfed in the future, quite the opposite, it will get buffed.
Right now, I have made the first part of the video guide. My plan is, that it will be a 3-part build guide. First part is about skills, masteries and passives. Second part will be about itemization and how to gear your character. Third part will be a theory crafting video, with some of my thoughts on how I would go around building Warpath, and what different possibilities you have, if you want to minmax (and build towards arena). As some of you already know, my build guides tend to be quite long, and they are not for the fragile soul. My video quality is also super low, and I only make videos because I want to share and talk about Last Epoch. What I am mainly trying to achieve with my build guides, is to use them as an learning platform -which is one of the reasons they tend to get quite long.

This forum post will serve as a general overview of the build. I will be sharing screenshots of my passive- and skill tress. It will also be here I correct myself or share even more information, if there were something in the videos I forgot to say. Please keep in mind, that nothing is set in stone. Everything is about balancing your character out. One change in your character, can make a ripple effect, that will make you change even more.

Abyssal Echoe:
The passives in this skill, highly depends on how high you push your mana regen trough Uzrils Pride. If you start to get more mana regen that you need, you will change some of the mana efficiency nodes, for cooldown-reduction.

Passives is all about balancing your character. My character is lvl 100, and if you are not lvl 100, you will ofc. not have as many passive points. The most important thing, is to unlock the main skills you want to use in the build. After that, it is about taking those passives you think fit your character best. Do not be to concerned about to take the exact same passives as i have, it all about balancing.



Very nice guide so far. It is possible a guide this long and detailed is not for everybody. But I appreciate your work. Learned a lot (future strike procs smite :scream::thinking:). Thank you. Looking forward to the next parts.

What’s causing future strikes to proc smite?

Throwing Axe causing future strike, future strike procs smite (with idols) Didn’t test, yet.

That’s what I thought. Future Strike isn’t a throwing attack, so unless Marc’s found a new idol that’s not on lastepochtool.com, throwing axe is procing Smite directly. If Future Strike was proccing Smite, Warpath’s Future Strikes would be proccing Smite like crazy (due to Warpath’s high attack speed).

Tested. It works. Future strike by throwing attack procs smite. Don’t know if it is intended, though.

If you spec out of future strikes you’ll see that you still get smites & they should be at a similar rate to with future strikes.

There’s always a (slight) delay from a throwing attack proccing smite but it’s not the 2 seconds that you get from future strikes, so the smite should be cast before future strike goes off.

Unfortunately I’m not getting any axes from Warpath or any other melee attack while hitting the dummy…

Edit: That looks very odd (sorry, didn’t see your vid as I’m on my work pc & thought it wouldn’t work due to corporate firewall). It shouldn’t work as future strike isn’t a throwing attack though it looks as though it’s being treated like an ailment & inheriting the “throwing attack” tag from shield throw. That definitely looks like a bug.

No. It is definitely NOT from the Shield Throw proc.

Yeah, you can see it at ~10s where you get a Smite from the Shield Throw then another one from the Future Strike @ ~12s.

That definitely looks like a bug though. @Hackaloken

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature :laughing:

Until they fix it…

Appreciate your kind words mate! Haha i know these kind of guides are not for everyone - especially because they are so long. I am trying to make my videos so people will learn from them, even though they are not trying to play a warpath build. Also to show, that nothing is set in stone, and you could go a lot of ways. On top of that, my English could approve a lot, and i am talking a bit slowly, so the videos tend to get even longer haha :smiley: -.-

Regarding future Strike, the way i think about it is, it store the attack as a “future strike”. So if you are using a throwing attack, it make future strike acts as a thorwing attack. This is why you can’t use warpath to proc smite trough future strikes, since it then make future strike acts like a melee attack :slight_smile:

I suspect that ailments (which future strikes behaves like) inherit the (or some of) tags for the skill that procs it which is probably how they get the attribute damage bonus into it without hard coding it & that’s how future strikes is getting the throwing attack & therefore procing smite. That said, do the “proper” ailments (ignite, poison, etc) do this?

I will be honest, i am not completely sure, since i never play around ailment damage (only for testing purposes). I did try future strike on a warpath DoT build, where i kept turning future strike on and off. And by looking at it, it dind’t affect my damage, in the sense of almost “double” my ailment stacking. So i do not think future strike can proc ailment. I think its strictly for hit damage, and hit procs. But i am not 100% sure.

Yeah, I think Future Strike is a bit of an odd one. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it crit (which ailments can’t do), but Smite can’t proc it (Smite can’t proc ailments outside of it’s own tree) & it gets buffed by the attribute of the skill that proc’d it (like ailments do). So sometimes it’s treated like an ailment (attribute inherritence, Smite can’t proc it) but sometimes it’s treated like an attack (can proc Smite, can crit).

Yea i agree! But also a really interesting passive node! Really one of my favorite passive nodes :stuck_out_tongue:

I also wonder if you had 200% chance you’d get 2 stacks of future strike…

Hmmm… you mean it hypothetical right? I don’t think you can reach over 100% chance for future strike. But i would assume, if it was possible, you ofc. would have a chance to apply two stacks :slight_smile:

Yes, it was a question (since there’s only 1 node for it & it only goes up to 100%). If it were possible to have 200% chance, would it apply 2 stacks (like ailments) or would it do nothing (glancing blow, crit chance).

Honestly i’m not sure :confused: