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Warpath and Vengance questions

Hi guys,

how do you spec warpath? do you go void spiral route or reckless combatant path? 1H or 2H?

I went 10 points in reckless combatant branch to get this mana regen node at the end when channeling warpath. now i’ve respecced and im trying void spiral route for the debuff and increased dmg taken when debuffed.

how to spec Vengence to make it single target / boss killer?


Hello. total noob here, it’s my first char currently lvl 40. I ve specced few points to make warpath cost less mana and then full top righ with roten debuff, added damage against rotten ennemies and void rift triggering every second. It’s pretty damn effective so far. Went full void knight with melee and void damage buff for passive.
You can also make the void rift skill (the one you unlock through void knight tree) rotate around you when you specialize into it. It’s pretty effective with warpath. I pretty much warpath and trigger shit tons of void rift around me cleaning every near ennemies. I use the recall skill to regen mana on longer fight.

Hi, with my Void Knight I also Utilize Warpath, Vengeance with some Other Skills. Warpath is my Mass AE Clear Skill, so i have Skilled the Time Rot debuff, the higher Dmg against Time Rot targets, and after that the Pull in, so i can “collect” all Targets an build Large Packs to Kill. I have skilled all Points in the DMG/Mana Drain reduce note.

For Vengeance i Skilled the additional Ripostes and the 50% Dark Blade Chance on Riposte. Note that the additional Ripostes have to be triggered within the same time Window, you should let some Casters or Bow enemies Alive to Kill Big Targets fast with Vengeance.

I Play it with 1h and Shield, because Blocks still trigger Vengeance Ripostes and my Survivability is much higher this way than with a 2h with still really good Dmg.

Thanks guys! keep rying to figure out best combos!

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