Warpath and mana as a paladin

i am currently making a bleed build but having issues with mana generation.

i specced 9 points into dedication and it still runs out of mana i tried a few rings with mana regenration and had no luck is this a bug report maybe ?

For Warpath you just spec this node and forget about mana issues:

Mana regeneration on rings doesn’t do anything because you don’t regenerate mana while channeling.


i just figured it out i was just to lasy to use it i guess i spend points on the mana regen passive on the paladin master and it didnt even helped which i thing is a bit of a shame.

why do they make a mane regen passive node that dosent seem to work ? i tested it out with 10 points and didnt work

If you’re using a two hander you can also spec into Dark Nexus (over to the top far left), which can actually work really in some circumstances. I had a warpath/abyssal echo build that I used these nodes to off set the cost of the Abyssal Echoes. Was pretty smooth.

Warpath is a channelled skill. You don’t regenerate mana while channelling (that’s intended, not a bug), so picking that passive doesn’t help you.


i spended 4 points for now and the spinning last longer for now thanks for explaining it