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I have always sorta thought they were the same thing.


What sort of differences can we expect to see in order to differentiate between the two classes?


I suspect Necro will be more pet/army based whereas Warlock could be more prolific in curses, dark magic etc?

My thoughts would be something like this:

Necro - caster/undead pets

Beastmaster - melee/animal pets

Warlock - melee/caster hybrid

I really hope the warlock can be built as a melee focused caster class that is able to heal himself based off the damage being done. Possibly forfeiting his own life-mana to cast hexes/debuff curses. When done right that dynamic is super fun to me but the balancing act on the development side for that type of character is tough.

Correct! We don’t have much of the specifics of each class planned out but we do have themes in mind. Check out this page for more:


We are in the process of removing the boards for the mastery classes.

I’ve moved this thread from Warlock to Acolyte as a courtesy.