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Warlock mastery

As far as I know you cannot change the chosen mastery.

When the game goes online - I mean mutliplayer is implemented - and I lvl up acolyte to 100 as Lich, will I be able to somehow change the mastery to Warlock when we get it in phase 4 or will I have to lvl up a new char from a scratch?

New to the game and forum so sorry if this question has already been answered somewhere.

No, because you can’t respec the mastery. You can’t even skip the mastery quest (to lvl up & carry on then select Warlock when it’s released) as it’s part of the main quest…

Ty for the answer.

Then I guess I have to wait untill the phase 4 kicks in.

Is there an estimated date for phase 4?

The answer is (probably no),
they might decide to reset masteries and allow people to choose a new one.
This is highly unlikely though.
Seeing we haven’t even reached phase 3 yet… i suggest not waiting on phase 4 to arrive.

You can skip the mastery quest (reach end of time and lvl using monolith of fate and arena.
This won’t be easy though as you’ll be severely lacking in talents you can use (and your build will be lackluster because of it).

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