Warlock like Runemaster

So, I was thinking about Warlock subclass for Acolyte. Would it be a good or bad idea, if Warlock was actually another Runemaster? Runemaster runes are RAH, HEO and GON, which are obviously (or not) named after RAHyeh, HEOrot and LaGON. What if Warlock had her own runes MAJ, TER and ROB named after MAJasa, eTERra and oROByss with own set of invocations based on poison, necro and void? Would it be cool or rather meh as it would make Warlock a boring copy-paste? Your thoughts.



Probably not. Gotta consider that Acolyte is largely Phys and Necrotic, with a few Fire. It wouldn’t work like Mage that already had a spread of elemental skills with various conversions giving it a lot of flexibility.

we already know what warlock is going to be, its going to be curse focused.

And we thought Runemasters would summon golems. But we see how that turned out. Warlock will probably end up being a street preaching pacifist, and lulls monsters to sleep by reading scripture.


I don’t know why anyone thought RM would be golems but warlock is definitely curses. here’s an excerpt from the mastery selection screen for acolyte, that pertains to warlock:

“A master of the forbidden arts, they tear into the essences of their foes, corrupting their spirits with relentless curses and hexes”

Read the old description on the Runemaster. It was the petclass mastery of the branch. It’s not set in stone and it’s the old placeholder text that is there forever.

Still I HOPE Warlock will be a curse and dot spamming maniac because I would love to play as one ^^.

was it this?

“A savant of the art of runes, able to infuse magic into offensive and protective wards that devastate those who trespass them.”

i found this here: Runemaster - Official Last Epoch Wiki
and the edit history says it hasn’t been edited since 2019 or so.

Just wait for they guy who was angry about the change. He might take a glimps into this topic as well and comes up with the source. This was the topic:

“A savant who tamed the power of raw arcane, weaving its chaos with the art of runes. The Runemaster infuses magic into offensive and protective wards that devastate those who trespass them, ensnaring his foes, raising walls and golems at his whim.”

That was the full discription. Just read it and the dev responses should make it obvious that nothing is set in stone and subject to change like if the game was… well… an EA title :smiley: .

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I dont like RM at all

I played on weekend after taking a break from Starfield.

Was able to unlock RUnemaster, went 2 screens and logged off, dont like combo skills to deal damage. I planned to take the passive Invocation that auto did the runes based on the skills on your bar but didnt realise it had a 12!! second cooldown, so I just logged out

One Incovation looks ok, like a Fire turret but to do that I needed to go Fire>Lightning>Fire>Invocation so 4 buttons to do 1 skill. no thanks.

I might find a way to automate it later but right now rather just play Starfield

That’s why I don’t even touch it even if they introduce a unique that changes this mechanic :slight_smile: .

I see! maybe I’m benefiting from hindsight here but that reads to me more like RM will come with a golem skill, rather than be a whole pet class. that said yeah, I can see what you mean about the mutability of class descriptions.

And I’m with you on the warlock, I really like cursing and using harvest so I hope they lean into that!

Because, as has been mentioned in these forums recently, it specifically said so in the class description on the forums. It has since been changed, but that is why some people had that impression.

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If you have a pet skill you can be a pet class. If your class was announced with X and X was removed and all you get, in your own personal oppinion, is a trash class with boring and tedious mechanics you migt end up angry because your class was announced different back then when the groundworks of class fantasy have been in place. if you take into account for how long there’ve been no other information about the mastery then what was quoted above you may feel dissapointed in not having golems.

Right Now Warlock class could be a melee archtype without any curse whatsoever because what EHG initaly thought would be a good mastery theme is subject to change right now like everything in the game. Don’t get high hopes just to have them smashed. On top of it they rush for a release this year while the actual client we have is a complete mess… what do you think you’ll see from here on out? Quality content that was given time to become the best content possible? I highly doubt it.

I’m hoping that what we’ll see in Warlock is another Void focused class.

I hope it stays necrotic with a bit of poison and some physical options. I would hate a void themed mastery outside of voidknight while VK is already questionable.

I would like to see a Worlock as being a master of curses, hexes, DoT spells. But with his special abilty like DoTs can crit or smth. The curses could slow or make enemies explode on kill or make more vulnerable to damage (party gameplay)

On the contrary! There should be more Void themed masteries!

I’m sort of seeing this desire in myself now that you bring it up. A true caster such as a “Void Mage” would be awesome.

Warlock is my most-anticipated class release. I’ll just drop what I expect about Warlock here.
I really hope it’s actually about curses and DoT and AoE DoT on the ground like some magic circle wendigo-inspired spells ripping enemies inside and out. And ofc mainly phys or bleed, maybe some poison too from conversions. I mean, we already have phys spells from Shaman and Druid classes, but I ain’t really a fan of those too much. And we already have necrotic and poison for Lich class. This would be their good time to fix and update Marrow Shards (god-damn-too-outdated-6-7-8-pointer-nodes-skill tree), one of my most favorite skill in the game.

And speaking of wendigo, if it’s going to have a minion, I hope it’s gonna be themed like that. And Warlock’s is kinda like companion with skill unlike Necromancer’s.

This is heavily inspired by Grim Dawn’s Barrowholm chapter. Cannibals, bloody mess, creepy, fleshy gore and magic circles themed glory. Just pure pain and torment. And yeah, hopefully not just a copy paste of Rune Master.