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Warhammer: Chaosbane Big Discount

Just noticed that this game was on sale on Steam for a big discount from what it was just last week. It looks like it has a new reduced pricepoint overall, $29.99 rather than 59.99, which changed just recently, but it is on sale right now for $14.99.

I had around $10 just sitting in my wallet so I figured I’d drop a few bucks to check it out even though it has some pretty “Meh” reviews. I noticed the game recently got a large game update which added some new zones, mob types, and a DLC class, Witch Hunter (I didn’t shell out for the WH DLC), and “expanded game hubs”. Figured with the deep discount, the cash in my wallet, and some new content it was worth checking out.

So far it seems like a pretty simple but fun aRPG with a nice Warhammer paint job. I’d say if you enjoy the Warhammer world at all it is probably worth picking up for the discounted price right now. There are five different classes to tryout without the DLC class so I figure I can definitely get $15 bucks worth of fun out of the game.

Idk what multiplayer looks like yet as I’ve just been messing around with a few of the classes to decide which I want to run through the game first, but I know it has multiplayer as well.

It’s a very simplistic aRPG in terms of itemization and progression.

Endgame is pretty repetetive, but has enough difficulty if you really wanna min-max.

Best point about the game is the skill system i think, it’s pretty unique and versatile.

Also it has fluid drop-in & drop-out coop for online and couch-coop. You can have up to 4 player in any combination (even couch-coop + online)

Contentwise you will get about 10-20 hours for 1 char i would say, if you like playing multiple chars you will defintiely get enough content.
But the multiplayer is what really made me enjoy the game.

Also the Witch Hunter Class whic hwas added yesterday is freakin’ amazing.

Yes, it’s very simple. It definitely feels like a console aRPG where hack n’ slash is first priority and the way the quests/zones flow.

Pretty casual type of game. I think it is worth it at the current price. Looking forward to jumping into multiplayer.

The “big” update is little in realaity. They mostly changed the hubs and 2 quests and put in a few new enemy types. The hubs got filled with life and npcs but they added a lot of travel distance you have to walk after each and every mission you did. The hub in the second area is even worse ^^.
They introduced a fan favourite class, the Witch Hunter, after the season pass was over. In the season they added a class noone liked and now they want 10 bucks for a new class ^^.

What they added is a joke and calling it an overhaul is missleading from my point of view. The game is okay for what it offers but it is far to expensive. They most fun thing about it is couch coop everything else is subpar to market standards.

I bought this game at release. Played 1 session and uninstalled. It was a complete shit show and really bad quality. Cash grab!

I wouldn’t support these developers. Game and your time now worth it.

The game was horribly over priced at $50 and I still wouldn’t spend the new base price of 29.99 either, but for $15 bucks (ten of which was already basically spent) it was worth checking out. Yes, I get the idea that the update/overhaul was not as grand as they worded it to be, but I won’t say it isn’t worth $15 of fun. I think if I play through each of the base classes and bang around on multiplayer a bit then I’ve gotten that much value out of it.

Expectations of what the game are definitely need to be realistic. It is an arcade like hack n’ slash more akin Gauntlet Legends and other console hack n’ slashers. Definitely pales in comparison to the better offerings of the ilk like Champions of Norrath or some of the other better console type aRPGs. One thing I do like is the skill system.

It’s a very casual game with a warhammer theme and almost no endgame. It’s fun to play and it runs pretty well and that’s it ^^. The classes are blunt, the gameplay is blunt, the story is (like in every other warhammer game :D) blunt. It’s easy to exploit and stil I somehow played almost 150h. The new class is a disapointment and they want 10 bucks for it while they don’t offer different hats or ui options with the skull pack and it looks like it only has 3 sets instead of for (or maybe I’m unlucky ^^). Then again… 8h in the game with the new class and chaos 3 is kind of a joke already. With a full set things might look better but right now I would even pick the filthy daggerears over the witch hunter and that’s already heresy ^^.

I really enjoy the Witch Hunter, like really. Favorite Class of all by far.

Totally worth the money already. Really excited to see how many heroic sets he has.

I bought Chaosbane at release, but gave up after a few hours. I thought the classes and general gameplay were functional enough, even if not terribly exciting. What killed the game for me was the abysmal level design. Felt like playing reskinned versions of PoE’s “The Ledge” over and over and over again.

I can understand that, right from the start you are going into 20 of almost the same sewers.

It’s a shame, since some of the later levels are actually alot cooler(even though those will get used over and over again too)

I heard alot of players not playing more than a few hours. Even though the game is more simple the skill system and boss fights are fun.

No t from my point of view. Everything is determined by a Meta. Look how long Elontir is the leader of the pack because they are unable to balance their game. The other classes have been nerfed pretty quickly in specific builds that worked. Chaosbane is so simply: You pick the best set that is widely known for almost all classes and then you use the skills according to the set and everything else is purely math aka most bang for the buck.
The bossfights are facetanking up to C7-9 according to your items and after that you just move out of one shot mechanics that are so slow you have arround 2 sec time to react. I don’t know whats fun about it.

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