Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr

Anyone have played this one?
Can recommend or say something about the game?
It’s on a huge sale in steam these days (90% discount).

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It is a really good game in my opinion, definitely worth it, even without the sale.


it is not your typical action rpg. It does a lot of things very different.
Its very slow and a lot more tactical, especially early on, when you can’t breeze through the levels without thinking.

Class variety is great and even within one class there are plenty of builds and archetypes.

The crafting system is very akin to LE’s, because its very deterministic. You can’t roll additional affixes onto items, but you can reroll any given affix with some limitation similar to forging potential. But you can refill forging potential for high costs.

Skill system is pretty interesting but probably one of the points where you either hate it or love it: Your Weapons (and other items) will give you your active skills.
With some exceptions it looks something like this: 2-handed weapons give you 4 active skills. 1-handed weapons give you 2 skills, If you can dual wield one-handed weapons they have 4 skills in total and you only get the other 2 skills if you dual wield them.
Then there are items like belt slots, that give grenade type abilities or buff/utility things.
On top of that each class has 3 types of body armours, all which grant a different major skill that cost the exclusive calss ressource (which is different for all 5 classes), that can be very build defining

The “healing pot system” is very interesting. Your healing pot (called Inoculator) is an item you equip with a lot of different stats and most importantly up to 4 different colour slots. (Red, Yellow, Green). Red is Healing Types(HP+Suppression), Yellow is Buffing Type (Damage, Damage Reduction, Crit etc) and Green is Utility Type (Number of uses, cooldown, duration etc).

The “passive” skill system is also pretty cool, every starting class starts with 2 trees unlocked all other trees need to me unlocked by forfilling certain conditions/quests.
Like the AoE Tree needs you to blow up a certain number of explosioves within levels.(Like explosive barrels etc.)

The game has a Health + Suppression System which is very unique.
Health is self-explanatory.
Suppression is a secondary bar around your health. You are immune to most kidns of CC while its in the green area (50% or more), while in the yellow area (49-10%) you can be affected by medium cc, like knockbacks, while in the red area (10% or less) you can be knocked downed or stunned.
This system is also true for champion and above type enemies. There are a lot of skills that workj with this as well. Some skilsl deal moderately HP damage but a lot of suppression damage. Some execute type skills sometimes requried enemies to be in red suppression etc.

Similar to passives there are also Perks, which are major build defining passive keystone. You can have up to 3 of them. These can be fairly simple damage or DR boost or can be massive build altering things like HP regen does apply to class ressource instead of health.

Game is very unique, but doesn’t compare to diablo, LE or PoE at all, which can be good or bad, depending on what you expect.
Strongest points for the game in my opinion are: Class design. All 5 classes are very unique. There do share some basic items and equipment, but for the most part all 5 classes have unique items exclusive to them, especially weaponsand armours. (which both mean unique and excclusive skills as well, because those item slots grant the active skills that definie the gameplay)


I did like it too, especially if you like the Warhammer 40k universe.

It is a pretty good game overall and probably worth a few bucks.

The reason I quit it after a couple of weeks was that I got stuck on all sorts of objects when teleporting around, but that was some time ago, so there is a good chance that has been improved.

I liked it. It gets a bit repetitious in the ‘end game’. I played it a ton before they introduced the seasonal concept, so that may change things. I think I got a solid 1-2 months worth of consistent play out of it before it started feeling overly grindy for me…

I played it a few hundret hours if you add in alpha/beta and EA. The game is trash, was trash and will be trash. The meta is still the same for years now without any major twists or realy worthwhile updates. You always run down maps in different difficultys or game modes with different objectives that get old instantly after you did it once.
The whole story is static so if you played it one time for each faction you’ve seen anything there is. The classes are boring and if you want specific classes you need to buy the dlc/expension needed for it.

If you get it in a sale 75% off then go for it. Full price the game offers not much for the money they ask for it. Story is lame, weapons are meh, the ammount of efficent builds is very little and almost everyone playes solo.

Why do you play it “a few hundret hours” if it’s trash?

The initial post says that it is on a 90% sale, so that would be a hell of a deal for this amount of time spent…

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The passives was a large part of why I didn’t really like it, despite having impulse control issues with the 40k universe. It felt incredibly slow to get more points, even early on. I’m also not entirely a fan of weapon-based skills but can see why it could be a good thing.

Including Alpha and Beta. I played the game with friends for arround 200h and I was the onw who played it most but only because I’m kind of a warhammer fanboy. If you take the Warhammer theme away the game is a 3/10.
For a 90% sale it’s nice and if you play every class into the endgame content there is plenty of time to waste in this game. If you know the meta and if you’ve played the story multiple times there is simply no reason to play the game because it’s not diverse enough. Melee tank/melee dd/agile melee at the end everything is the same with very small differences. Ranged dd all plays the same. Psyker is as generic as things can get. I ws a tad bit hyped for the mechanicus just to get a boring AF pet class simply ignoring every other archtpye that makes sense. Soritas was even so messed up I didn’t even buy it after testing at on a friends PC.

Sure if you go in blind you can spend 100h on every toon and play the most boring seasonal themes ever created and be happy with it. Sadly I have higher standards when it comes to games then a half backed H&S with stupid game systems where the best part of the game is the Warhammer theme and the warhammer fanboys who rate this game as good because it has Warhammer in the title ^^.

Thx but no thx. The game was awesomesauce in the alpha and early beta stages and even in some part of the EA but neocore ruined it big time.

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Thanks for all the opinions :slightly_smiling_face: