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Wards vs Armor vs Health


I read that wards are generated by skills and mitigate damage, however I didn’t find how much damage and by what percentage.

If you have 10 wards, and you were dealt 100 dmg, how much would it mitigate? how many wards will you lose by that dmg? is the word lost per hit or dmg? if you were hit for 10 dmg or 100 dmg once, does it makes a difference regarding wards?

Should I invest in ward generation, armor or health (if I use Lich)?

Hey there… Welcome to the forum…

Short answer is that Ward is just an additional shield above Health - i.e. it functions like more health and damage is dealt to ward first, then to Health… Unlike a normal “shield” ward decays over time, so unless you continually regenerate it (manually or through automatic mechanics from skills/gear), it will eventually dissappear.

Acolyte builds are currently able to generate a lot of ward… (so much its likely to get a nerf at some stage) but its generally a good mechanic for defence for this class.

Note - At higher levels, more Health usually trumps other kinds of defences due mainly to diminishing returns. If you want to see where you build would most likely gain the most benefit, then you can use Tunks EHP Calculator.

I recommend you check the Community Game Guide as well as press “G” while in-game for the built in Game Guide.

Specifically the Health & Ward sections for detailed information on the question…

I expect that if you are asking this kind of question, the Community Game Guide will provide a lot of answers to other things you have been wondering about…

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So is it better to concentrate on ward generation than on armor and health?

No, health is very important. You should have at least 2k health. Armor is also good, because its a defensive layer that is works against all sorts of damages, but damage over time and you don’t need to do anything to build up armor (mostly).

Whereas ward requires a strong investment which is often not worth it unless you have particular uniques or builds.

So your top priority should be to get health up to over 2k on top of resistances and crit avoidance.

What @Fragtal said… and what I alluded to in the Note about Health in my reply…

Might seem obvious but, its MUCH easier to defend a higher health pool with layered defences than it is a lower one… defences usually end up being selective damage reduction layers (barring dodge) so higher health just makes everything easier…

If you look at a lot of the meta builds and other best performing builds, you will likely see Health and % Health increase affxies used on a lot of gear…

Also if you at some point have collected items like Exanguinous and Last Steps Of The Living, a high health pool is preferable, too. These items drain your life to build up ward so you end up on a low life build with near to 0 life and a lot of ward. The more hp you have, the more is converted into ward.

So health is always one of the most important defensive layers. No matter what build you play in the end.