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Ward Spellblade

Once again, thoroughly enjoy the game. However, I have a question about the percent chance of gaining ward in terms of a spellblade mage (slightly sorcerer as well).

I’ve been trying to consistently gain ward back as a melee mage, but the percent chance is so low (even though the amount gained is rather high). I know that spells and passives aren’t balanced at the moment, but just from experience when playing the class it seems rather inconsistent to gain ward back at a steady rate.

Personally was thinking of having the percent chance increased in several ways with a smaller amount of ward gained on the percent. Just to compare to other classes, the void knight passive “World Eater” gives a flat percent leech increase in health based on “melee/void damage” which has a steady amount gained (easier to play around). Ward on the other hand just seems to have such a small percent possible to gain any constant amount that it just doesn’t seem to flow well.

I would be all in favor of significantly decreasing the amount of ward gained from spells/passives as well as the percent of ward retention if the percent chance to gain ward were to also significantly increase. What that balance between ward retention/amount and percent chance of getting ward is at the moment I don’t have an answer to that, but just a thought in terms of gaining ward stability for spellblade mages in terms of my experience.

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Thanks for the feedback!

I can completely understand that feeling like your character’s survivability is being dictated by RNG wouldn’t be fun. I’ll speak to the team about this and see where the discussion goes.


Okay, great. Thank you for taking time to read it and I’ll be looking forward to what happens.

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