Ward on hit/mana spent gained as ward

i’m currently a level 74 spellblade running a shatter strike/focus build. I’m really looking for some better gear on it. I’d really like to get the ward gained on hit and mana spent gained as ward affixes on my gear, but nothing in the monolith drops items with those affixes. I also gambled some body armors, but none of those gave me the affixes as well. Are these affixes just not dropping for my level or am i getting terribly unlucky?

I didn’t find a Ward Gained on Hit, but I did find Ward Gained on Kill and the Mana Spent Gained as Ward shards. Both have a Rarity Tier of Very Rare along with lvl 40+ and one being Mage exclusive. Your Spellblade checks those boxes. Also, doesn’t help that these shards are
exclusive to a few items.

Considering the Set Dodge Rating shards I’ve been looking for have a Rarity Tier of Rare and I’ve only found 12 of them in ~20 hours of monolith runs (from shattering items), I’d say it’s likely going to take quite a bit of farming to get those.

Also, there’s another Mage exclusive ward shard that you may find useful…Ward Per Second, but it is also Very Rare.

Perhaps I’m unlucky in my travels as well. :disappointed:

Pretty sure there’s no Ward Gained on Hit affix.

There are ward gained on melee hit idols. And mana spent gained as ward on chest and helm for mage. They are rare but spemd hours farming and millions gambling you will fund them

Yes, but he said that he gambled body armors to get those affixes, so I assumed he meant that he was looking for craftable ward gained on melee hit affixes. There are indeed Ward Gained on Melee Hit on idols which are relatively common.

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